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Submitted by GameTechZero 1238d ago | review

Game-Modo: Table Football or Foosball? Foosball 2012 Review

We compare Foosball 2012 to the movie Inception. Foosball 2012 is a game about a game about a game. We enjoy it as much as the real version. If you don't care for foosball, maybe you should move on. But if you either have played a game or two or are intrigued about the this game of tiny skewered flipping athletes, then you should give this game a go. Saying it's the best video game representation of foosball both wouldn't do it justice for two reasons: we don't know of any other foosball games and because it's an ambitious little digital game with fun multiplayer that is a great deal for the price if you own both a PS3 and a Vita. (Foosball 2012, PS Vita, PS3) -

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