Tokyo Jungle Review - Glitch Cat

Glitch Cat - As I’ve mentioned before, there is a lot of content to unlock in Tokyo Jungle, so the replay value is very high, even though the game can get a bit tedious. Yet there is always a level of enjoyment and charm that kept me coming back to this game. Perhaps this is not a great game, nor one with something profound to say, but you won’t be experiencing a game like this anywhere else. Odd, intriguing, and strangely fascinating, this title is truly unique, and for that alone it should be experienced. Though, don’t be surprised if you find yourself addicted, and keep coming back to try to survive as a new animal. Or as a dinosaur. Did I mention you could play as a dinosaur?

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noisemedia2245d ago

This is one game Im really looking forward to. Thanks for your review, I'll be purchasing this first thing tomorrow!