Mario's Creators Answer Burning Questions About The Series

GameInformer- Fans of the Mario franchise are acquainted with its oddities. It’s a Japanese series about an Italian plumber who travels to a mystical land to eat mushrooms, throw fire, and stomp on turtles. We’ve all come to accept that. Despite our love of its wackiness, we still had some burning questions about the Mushroom Kingdom and its most famous inhabitant. When we sat down with series creator Shigeru Miyamoto and developer Takashi Tezuka, we wanted answers.

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2276d ago
Griffin48712276d ago

This interview was pretty fun. Didn't expect Miyamoto to reference Popeye and Mickey Mouse. Completely random, but I am aware the Japanese enjoy some American popular fiction.

Dr_Salvitor2275d ago

he referenced Popeye because the original Donkey Kong game started off as a Popeye game but they lost the rights to it.

fourtwenty20092276d ago

"So, I think that a doctor is sort of an unexpected and perhaps unbelievable role for Mario. Perhaps the Dr. Mario you're thinking of was maybe, in some way, not necessarily legitimate."

I knew I should have asked that man with the moustache for his medical credentials before taking off my clothes.