XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s hits and misses (hands-on preview) | GamesBeat

GamesBeat: "Firaxis' update to the classic X-Com: UFO Defense brings new innovations -- including mission variety, the two-action system, and sticky-cover indicators -- to the series while unfortunately leaving at least three others at the door."

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THR1LLHOUSE1312d ago

This is the shooter right?

HA, I'm kidding. Everyone knows the shooter is the new Duke Nukem Forever.

jamezrp1312d ago

I've seen a few gameplay demos and haven't been impressed, but suddenly everyone loves it.

Sadie21001312d ago

Ooh, the lack of movement interruption could be a big thing! You can run right into trouble. I hope they change/fix that, because it'd be annoying to have to take tiny baby steps everywhere because you have to be extra cautious of newly revealed enemies.

illegalyouth1311d ago

Yeah, I agree. Absolutely mind blowing that Firaxis overlooked that.