Fire Pro Wrestling Review | HAL

How's this for a cracking idea? A downloadable wrestling game that uses your own Xbox Live Avatars! Sounds like a brilliant game and it definitely has the potential to be some harmless fun. Unfortunately, Fire Pro Wrestling fails on executing this great concept thanks to its basic and boring gameplay.

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bacrec11910d ago

They have ruined a legendary franchise in a attempt to sell more avatar clothes.

NYC_Gamer1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Fire Pro used to be so much fun on the PS2

DeadlyFire1909d ago

PS2 game > XB360 Avatar edition

DivineAssault 1910d ago

see what xbox does? ruined rares good name too

Magic_Spatula1910d ago

This game has ruined the Fire Pro name.

Krimmson1909d ago

Fire Pro Wrestling. God I had so much with those games.
So sad to see what it has become.