Five "Hardcore" Franchises Nintendo Needs To Bring To The Wii U

This one is for the fans.

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bacrec11849d ago

StarFox with that new controller.......

NovaSethyr1849d ago

Starfox. All the way. If there's no new Starfox I will give up all hope for a better tomorrow.

Knight_Crawler1849d ago

Here is my list

1. Alan Wake 2
2. Mirrors Edge 2
3. Contra Next Gen
4. Mega Man Next Gen
5. Onimusha Next Gen
6. Shenmue Next Gen

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KMCROC1849d ago

Don't see the first one on wii u

ALLWRONG1848d ago

What is Alan Wake doing in your list? Although that would be cool but I don't think MS would be fine with that.

Knight_Crawler1848d ago

MS agreed to puiblish Alan Wake 1 and does not own the Alan Wake IP, Remedy owns it - when MS was asked about AW2 they stated that it all depended on how well AW1 sold and we all know it did ok but not HALO or Gears numbers.

Knowing MS track record they do not invest into games that do not make them any money or break even.

Alan Wake 2 could very well be a Wii U exclusive if MS does not want to publish the game and NINTENDO steps can also go multiplat if someone like EA or Activision decide to publish the game.

I own all consoles and play every game that is great and fun so AW2 being a Nintendo exclusive does not bother me at all...infact I would prefer the game release on a superior hardware like PC or Wii U than the 360 or PS3.

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Pillsbury11848d ago

Star fox would be the most perfect thing for that controller! Holding it up to maneuver?!

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TheRichterBelmont1849d ago

The first 3 are no brainers, but yes, we haven't had a new F-Zero in ages, and that Nintendoland mini-game doesn't count.

As for Eternal Darkness, oh hell yes.

bacrec11849d ago

A want another story mode with Captain Falcon. Maybe less difficult this time lol.

TheColbertinator1849d ago

I would love to see Golden Sun return to WiiU.Or at least 3DS

ronin4life1849d ago

Woo golden sun!!!

Ben_Grimm1849d ago

There needs to be a hardcore Balloon Fight and Urban Champion game to the WiiU.

ElasticLove1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

A new Mother (Earthbound) game for the Wii U would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.