Why Borderlands 2 is more exciting than Diablo 3

Having diverse skill trees and enabling truly different play styles can go a long way.

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idontgetit2273d ago

Having way more fun with Borderlands 2! And who can dislike Scooter?!

CrimsonessCross2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

I'm having much more fun than in Diablo 3. At least this game HAS some depth to it regarding the skills trees, some character and choices put to the player :)

Can't forget about the loot either, although two different genres but in the RPG aspect for Borderlands 2 the loot is much better because of being able to slowly chip at your final destination instead of being stuck behind an indestructible brick wall until you can make a hair-line crack in Diablo 3.

"Get you one!" :P

Stallion2273d ago

From the moment I Diablo 3 was released I knew this was going to be the better Diablo 2 sequel.