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Reluctant Skepticism About Japan's Future

Gamasutra EIC Kris Graft was at the Tokyo Game Show last week - and while he saw plenty of encouraging talks about mobile game companies Gree and DeNA, he came away skeptical about Japan's console game space. (Industry, Tokyo Game Show)

NYC_Gamer  +   1011d ago
Japan is more into on the go gaming now days
StrawHatPatriot  +   1010d ago
The U.S lives a sedntary lifestyle.

Like I said on one other article, the Wii U showed signs of this, but yeah, I have a feeling the video game controllers themselves will be like fully portable handheld consoles themselves.
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cleft5  +   1010d ago
It's like Keji Inafune said, current Japanese developers aren't forging a path ahead. Instead they are just following tried and true formulas, that worked a long time ago. The problem is that the industry and taste of today's gamer has changed. With that said, there are still great Japanese games being released, but Japanese developers needs to venture out and start forging a new path to make the new standards for this generation. Once they start doing that, then they will find the success of old.
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