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GIZORAMA - With snacks at arms length, coffee on the pot, and fresh mousepads at the ready, we clung to the the edge of our computer chairs on bated breath, fully prepared to contract new types of carpal tunnel syndrome which hadn’t even been properly discovered yet. As midnight drew closer, the fact that we’d finally be playing Diablo together again for the first time in nearly a decade started to feel more real than ever, and our ragtag group of summoners started to vibrate with a collective excitement that echoed over the Skype call on a feedback loop. It had been awhile since any of us had taken a video game launch this seriously, and even though we’re all in our mid-twenties with jobs to go to, bills to pay, and responsibilities to attend to like the average adult, in that brief moment before the clock struck 12, it was just like we were a couple of carefree kids in middle school again, skipping homework and sneaking out of bed to just get “one more” Baal run in before the finally sun came up.

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