American Chart for Week Ending 02nd February 2008

American Chart for Week Ending 02nd February 2008

#1: Wii Sports (Wii) - 90,601
#2: Wii Play (Wii) - 75,651
#3: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - 71,975
#4: Guitar Hero III (PS2) - 70,070
#5: Call of Duty 4 (X360) - 63,013
#6: Guitar Hero III (Wii) - 60,513
#7: Turok (X360) - 56,485
#8: Burnout Paradise (X360) - 53,684
#9: Halo 3 (X360) - 50,994
#10: Link's Crossbow Training (Wii) - 47,735


#7: Turok (X360) - 56,485
#18: Turok (PS3) - 33,902
#109: Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (PSP) - 6,344

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Tommie3818d ago

Demo was horrible

Almost 90,000 dissapointed people...

Da360sucks3818d ago

i was going 2 buy this game
the demo turn me off
ill pass

f7ss13818d ago

n4g is awesome i love this website

Keowrath3817d ago

Saw it on UK shelves today. Comes in a cool looking Metal Box, Similar to the UK DMC4 special edition.

If nothing else, it might make a cool looking ash tray =)

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resistance1003818d ago

'#7: Turok (X360) - 56,485
#18: Turok (PS3) - 33,902 '

Still that shows Ps3 owners ARE buying games again, the attach rate on Ps3 is higher lately. Considering the 360s user base is nearly 3times the size of PS3 in America, yet the 360 version didn't sell 3times as many, far from it. This is true in Europe aswell

uxo223818d ago

You basing this on turok. Perhaps people feel it's not that great of a game and decided NOT to buy it. The 360 version selling 3 times more than the PS3 version is not a simple rule of thumb or exact science. You argument would be better made if you choose to do it with a few big titles combined, like AC, COD4, Etc.

Just saying.

cmrbe3818d ago

from the charts COD4 is 3:1, AC is 2:1 and Burnout is 2:1 as well.
I am just saying it

cooke153818d ago

30 k sales is DREADFUL. do not even bother using this as an example about people buying games. Seriously!

rofldings3818d ago

And an extra 22k makes it NOT DREADFUL? Whatever, the game sucked, it deserves zero sales.

In any case, he's talking about attach ratio, not a higher sales number, if you weren't 12, you'd understand that.

Btw, these are just US sales, with European sales added in, it's much more close. Take burnout paradise for example, 360 has a much higher install base, yet it only sold 10k more copies so far worldwide.

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ThaGeNeCySt3818d ago

rofl i don't know why but I cant stop laughing at this comment.

Bladestar3818d ago

I know why you are laughing... It's not everyday you see someone that hate himself... and goes to church every sunday praying that his favorite console sells more.. and that they other side fails...

OC Shock Value3818d ago

Mario Galaxy still goin strong i see.. looks pretty much as i expected.. Wii beating ass

cmrbe3818d ago

According to vg

x360 - 65,837
PS3 - 53,443

12,000 difference. Lets wait for NPD to see how good their estimates are. Wow the ratio is almost 1:1

mikeslemonade3818d ago

That's awesome, so even without the Japanese sales the PS3 already leads week by week. There was also no game released besides Burnout for 360 and PS3. DMC4 was released on the 6th of Febuary.

i Shank u3818d ago

sony's catchin up in MS's stronghold! i think microsoft maybe, just maybee regretting taking forever to get the 360's price down. competition FTW!

off topic but yo mike i see your avatar of brady; how was that super bowl!? YEAA!!! i became a giants fan a few years back when the dolphins decided to get Football-alzheimers, so man that superbowl was some sweet stuff. 2nd year in a row brady has lost in the postseason 4 quarter. looks like somebody's found his kryptonite

cmrbe3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

the PS3 will level with the x360 then it will begin to outsell the x360 in NA this year. My prediction is the PS3 should overtake the x360 in NA by the end of next year (2009) as 7 million is a big gap to catch up in NA. Europe should be then end of the northern hemisphere summer.

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