TGR: LittleBigPlanet Create and Share Footage earlier today provided footage of gameplay for Little Big Planet. Now watch the other two components of this Sony title, Create and Share.

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games4fun3815d ago

when they showed the beggining of how you switch between levels with the blur thing i was amazed the more i see the more i want it

thegamereviews3815d ago

It was really fun using the control interface to create things, man the physics involved is awesome too

ravinash3815d ago

I was amazed at how the grass thats part of the background moved when it finished switching between scenes.

avacadosnorkel3815d ago

XBOX 360 owners that hate on this game will be the same ones who buy the Ubisoft version, watch.

DTClown3815d ago

you mean ONLY xbox 360 owners who have a hard drive... that is if MS goes against their own policy for games to be played on every xbox 360 version! (which I guess Burnout Paradise has already started that ball least for online players)

Copy all they won't come ANYWHERE close to LBP!

travelguy2k3815d ago

are 360 owners going to contribute. They won't ber allowed to as they have a closed system.. Microsoft will not allow UGC. User Generated Content.

DTClown3815d ago

Truly awesome. I can see people, creative people that is, who have ZERO programming or developing experience landing level design jobs from the levels they make with LBP. This is the end all be all of platformer games.

For all the people who "don't get it" when watching these demos or say they think it sucks...too childish for them....I guess they never liked Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Miner 20 49er, or any other platformer ever made! Kudos to Media Molecule...simply amazing! My 8 year old son, 5 year old daughter, 33 year old wife, and myself (38) cannot wait for this game to come out! This is the first true family game we ALL want the first day it comes out!

Kain813815d ago

and this Game shows us what the Future of Gaming can be.

mighty_douche3815d ago

Media Molecule are the innovators here, Sony just had the forsight and patience (+ some $$$$) to see a master piece in its early stages.

Kain813815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Shadow of Colossus, Ico, Eye Toy, Buzz.
Have you seen what you can do with the PS3 Eye.
search in Google and you will find and it is something like Little Big Planet. If i can Find the link so i post it to you.
And here is a Link, that shows the possibilities of PS3 Eye: