Review: Colour Bind (New Gamer Nation)

Colour Bind is a deceptive game that’s full of surprises. At first glance, it looks like a fairly simple and easy to grasp puzzle platformer, using simplified lo-fi graphics to carry out what would be an admittedly dull and overdone concept. The first few levels quickly throws that preconception out the window by showing off the very bouncy physics engine, and it becomes a game more concentrated on maintaining control in the face of mind bending gravity swaps. Then developer Finn Morgan reveals his nefarious true intentions though a series of increasingly brutal levels, making Colour Bind a game about twitch reflexes, split second decisions and zippy time trials. By the time you’ve earned your first achievement, the game is effortlessly blending these three disparate styles into one of the most challenging platformers out there. It’s occasionally a completely grating and frustrating experience, and after thirty failures in a row due to bad luck with physics and tough gravity controls you’ll probably dispute this review or curse us for pointing you towards this unique game. But with enough persistence, dedication and practice, the challenging gameplay of Colour Bind becomes so very rewarding in a way that few platformers are.

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