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Submitted by TheGameScouts 1236d ago | news

Traditional Gaming Consoles to Level Up according to Nvidia

Lyndsay Moir: "It has been said that the Xbox 720 and PS4 will be the last of it’s kind for traditional home gaming consoles according to Nvidia’s cloud gaming boss, Phil Eisler. He stated in a recent interview that with technological improvements, and lower server costs, streaming games will become the new norm, and take over as the predominant way in which people are choosing to play their games." (Culture, Industry, Next-Gen, Tech)

WiiUalpha  +   1236d ago
It has no impact on how we play though. It's just another form of delivering the game. When I saw the headline it made me think of some new type of CPU/RAM/GPU, something that will actually impact gaming. Cloud gaming is nice but it does nothing for the 720 or PS4 that PS3 and 360 couldnt benefit from today.
DeadlyFire  +   1236d ago
I don't think people will chose to not hold their disc and game data. It will be forced upon us. Not for another 5-10 years when bandwidth network hits a real tipping point with speeds do I see this as being remotely possible.
FredEffinChopin  +   1236d ago
Not only when it hits that point, but when that kind of speed becomes overwhelmingly common. Otherwise they're cutting out a huge chunk of the gaming population prematurely, and getting a lot of other people annoyed in the process.

Though as you said, even when it is totally feasible, people will still feel forced. I know I will.
DeadlyFire  +   1235d ago
I think honestly this post is just NVIDIA boasting about CUDA being used in Cloud services since they are not on consoles and likely already know some cloud tech and plans from Sony/Microsoft to use cloud tech at some point in their new console's lifetime.

I personally believe that Cloud gaming will be just another platform or extension to a platform. At least at first. I don't see it taking off as the mainstream way to play games for a long long time. OTOY is the only one that is promising better graphics than what you see on your home hardware for games. That type of tech could sell the Cloud platform very well. Other than that it will just be an extension of what we see on consoles and computers today alongside the normal games that are out there.

I do think it would be cool to have cross platform MMO play on Cloud service, but then again bandwidth is only thing in the way. I have 3 Mbps and still can't access either cloud service for even a test run. Its still awhile away from my reach.
TongkatAli  +   1236d ago
Nvidia ftw!!
Dms2012  +   1236d ago
Well, if Google fiber spreads quickly I can see this, but I still get terrible latency even with a 20/20 connection.
ZeroX9876  +   1236d ago
cloud gaming works well or me, We got a 80/40 with unlimited bandwidth. I`m very interested in cloud gaming, mainly because you don`t need to download the full games, patches, dlc, etc. Plus, for gamers like me where a pc cost a little bit too much to maintain it powerful enough to run new games, cloud gaming would be a great solution to that problem.

still, I don`t see everyone playing on those things, since you got mods on PC and we all know how they`re amazing (black mesa!:D). Cloud gaming will open PC gaming to a bigger audience, that`s exactly how PC gaming will always be there, but console gaming could and probably will become a thing of the past. that`s always IF cloud gaming does what it`s supposed to do.
StrawHatPatriot  +   1236d ago
Cloud gaming has some good things (you don't need the most powerful hardware or need much annoying downloads or patches), but the negatives outweigh the positives IMO.

You're paying full price for game that you don't own the physical copy of or at least have saves on your console/PC.

Some could gaming services require a monthly fee. So, just to play a game, I need a monthly fee. No, I don't mean XBL or PSN Plus, I'm talking about just to play the damn game, there's a chance we could have to pay a monthly fee.

There are chances they can stop servers for a game that's more than 4-5 years old, and that stinks since they are many underrated games that you may like playing but might not be able to if Cloud gaming takes them of. (I like to play my old DBZ games from 2003 every once in a while, for example, but with cloud gaming, there are chances that in the future I can't stream a 5 year old game that I may consider to be my favorite games ever.)

Using credit cards instead of straight cash can be a hassle and more riskier and annoying for some people.

You NEED the internet to play. If your internet is working for a couple hours, you can't play your games.

If your internet is slow, than you can't afford to play any game that requires fast movement (which pretty much every game on home consoles/pc's do.

What if the company shuts down, or gets hacked for a month (like PSN), what we can't play our games?
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jjb1981  +   1236d ago
I still wanna be able to POP in a disc and play, what if my isp is down or the 1st party network?
Jason_Tanner  +   1236d ago
Once gaming goes completely cloud, I'm out. Seriously you would have to be an idiot to want cloud gaming. If PSN and XBL hacking has taught us anything it's that we should never go 100% digital in terms of how our gaming is delivered. And if anyone has been paying any attention at all, we would've also realized that digital copies of games are never sold at the bargain price that they should be with respect to their physical counterparts. Cloud gaming would/will ruin gaming in my opinion. The gaming industry is constantly looking for ways to get around used games sales, digital copies and cloud/streaming is their solution.

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