Dogfight 1942 Now Available on Steam

Dogfight 1942 is a fast-paced WWII air combat arcade-style game that features three unique game modes — Dogfight, Survival and Campaign — each offering an abundance of action that is engaging and exciting. City Interactive seamlessly implemented intuitive controls in order to reduce the need for lengthy tutorials and for gamers of all levels to quickly and easily grab a remote and jump right into the game. However, while the controls are not overly complicated, gameplay is extremely competitive so that even the most ardent flight game fan will find Dogfight 1942 challenging.

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mynameisEvil2272d ago

Warning: DO NOT PLAY WITH M/KB. Dear God, it's like trying to control a car while drunk... and caught in a tornado... after you've died.

It's best played with a 360 controller. Oh, but I think there's a problem. My 360 controller, an Afterglow, didn't friggin' register with the game, so I couldn't use my damn 360 pad. Just sayin'.

CaptCalvin2272d ago

Question: how do you control the planes in this game? does it have full yaw pitch and roll controls? or is it just the arcade drag cross hair up right left down?

mynameisEvil2271d ago

Ah, it's a very arcadey game. Oh, but there's a game called Damage Inc that I'm fairly certain has that what you're looking for, as well as the option of the arcadey-style controls.