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DestinyHeroDoomlord2277d ago

Will be getting this, sounds .... Crazy

showtimefolks2277d ago

i know many loved it and i did enjoy it but imo 2nd one was a much better game. This one was all about craziness but 2nd one was about craziness yet it had some what of a serious structure.

hopefully for the 4th they can find a nice mix of both overall a very good to play

vortis2277d ago

And they need to bring back the FREAKING FIGHTING MECHANICS!

Wtf was up with that QTE mess in SR: The Third? You're wasting time doing QTEs while getting shot-up, it was stupid. The only good thing about SR: The Third's fighting was the running quick-attacks, everything else was trash when it came to hand-to-hand.

Soldierone2277d ago

I loved the third one, and I loved the second one.

The thing is I'm so sick of "seriousness" and the third one slapped the idea to death, thats why I loved it more. Nothing needed to be explained, they just did it. Even the game made fun of itself for doing it.

I agree the second one had probably a nicer blend of serious and outrageous, but the third is still a lot better than doing chores and "down to earth" gameplay the latest game in another series had. Yeah people will whine and nitpick this game to death "bla bla it sucked cus of this" I don't care, I had FUN with it and thats all that matters. You want serious? then look at any other game on the shelf with it and go play that.

Moncole2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Great game. Running around naked with a giant purple dildo is so much fun.

Plagasx2276d ago

While I do agree it's fun to do that in the game, I much prefer to do it in real life.

Much more satisfying.

Rampaged Death2277d ago

Skip this and just get the normal edition for cheaper. The DLC was awful.

SuicidalTendencies2277d ago

Had to know this was coming. It's pointless to buy these games at release.

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The story is too old to be commented.