Leon's new voice actor Matthew Mercer talks about the dramatic horror in Resident Evil 6

Is the new voice actor for Leon awesome, or awesome?

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Carl_Shocker2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

I liked Paul Mercier better, same goes for Ada Wongs old voice actress.

"and explains more about the new dramatic horror that Capcom intends to provide with Resident Evil 6"

Right...whatever you say Matthew, obviously it's understandable since if he tells the truth then Capcom won't use him ever again.

LOGICWINS2246d ago

"I liked Paul Mercier better, same goes for Ada Wongs old voice actress."

Really? I couldn't tell the difference. Sounds exactly the same as Leon from RE4.

PopRocks3592246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

I wouldn't say exactly the same. He matches the dialect well enough, but he sounds a little younger to me (a very odd direction to take for a sequel).

At least Hunnigan's original voice is still there. She's awesome.


I only started to care when RE4 hit. That was technically my first serious attempt to play an RE game and I really loved everything about it. The story, the gameplay, the graphics, blah blah blah. Nothing no reviewer ever said.

But the voice acting in that game was really good to me. The dialogue was just cheesy as hell. Paul Mercier made the best out of an awkward script and there were other great actors in there as well. Ashley sounded the way she should have, Luis sounded great, Wesker had a great voice, etc.

From there, the bar was set higher. Take RE5 for instance. The acting in that game is pretty good for a video game. I felt the same about the Degeneration movie.

The new guy who voices Leon is a good replacement, though in my opinion they should have kept Paul Mercier. He's the one who played the lead that initiated the franchise into its current stardom and infamy.

LOGICWINS2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

I guess certain people hear subtleties that others can't detect. Besides the point, I think its funny that people take voice acting in RE with such seriousness considering that the franchise has historically bad writing.

EDIT: YES, agree 100%. The cutscenes and acting were very good in RE5. Surprisingly so. Sheva was freakin hot lol!

vortis2246d ago

Not sure why you're being disagreed with but with your second comment you're dead-on.

RE4 had some of the stupidest, cheesiest lines I've ever heard, especially between that little dwarf prince and Leon. The whole exchange about the bad movie script just had me cringing until I laughed out loud.

RE5's dialogue was waaaaaaaay better, probably one of the best out of the whole series. I think consistency wise, RE2 had the most reasonable exchanges and a steady enough pace to keep the cheese factors low.

All I have to say about RE1 is Barry Burton.

Qrphe2246d ago

I facepalmed as I read "dramatic horror." It's an obvious attempt of tagging horror somewhere in the game.

bacrec12246d ago

His hair reminds me of the guy from Leverage.

Parappa2246d ago

The game was so bad that even Leon didn't want to come back. I guess that's why they hired someone to do a worse voice so it would fit in with a "resident evil" game (implying that it's a resident evil game at all) that's worse than the others.

Psycho_Mantis2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Damn! I cant believe all Leons VO's are PAUL's! 0_o

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