Tekken Tag Tournament 2′s Game-Breaking Bug: Caution The Combot

Recently I lauded how great Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is, and I wouldn’t take it back at all. But, there is a horrible game-breaking bug out right now that could ruin your experience with the game until Namco Bandai fixes it.

Thanks to the Tekken Forums, the problem has been found. In Fight Lab, players are able to equip a huge variety of moves from all of TTT2′s cast to the Combot, allowing players to tailor the robot to their desire and customize their ultimate fighter. BUT it seems that if you equip Combot with any moves from the DLC characters–Angel, Kunimitsu, True Ogre, or Michelle–the game gives this error message the next time you turn it on:

“Could not load the downloadable content data used in this save data.
This save data cannot be used.
Press the Playstation button to quit the game and download the content from the Playstation Store again.”

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Mocat2275d ago

I am sure Namco will fix this, if not i am going to have to put in alot of time again unlocking all the things i already unlocked.

We will see 9oct.