Region locking and Wii U... bite me, Nintendo

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Nintendo, if you genuinely cared about online distribution, or supporting indie publishing, you would have realised that no one cares about region locking any more. I'll buy two Wii U consoles because I think long term it'll be worth it, but damn they've let me down with this news."

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MNGamer-N2276d ago

Doesn't matter to me I don't buy Japanese games anyway. I couldn't imagine trying to play through a JRPG with it's immense amount of dialoge in Japanese.

RFornillos42276d ago

he mentions that the PS3 is not region-locked, and that the "PSP/Vita with some tweaking..."

c'mon guys, it hasn't stopped people from soft-modding region-locked consoles to become region-free... anyways "tweaking" the PSP/Vita practically means it's also region-locked when you buy it.

region-locking is something driven by "business". devs companies prefer it. of course gamers don't want it. heck, even i hated the region-locking of DVD's.

something we'll have to live with. if the next PS360 won't be region-locked, perhaps the Big N will see the light; but till then, I'll be content with the Wii U being region-locked.

MattS2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

No hacking necessary for the Vita to support multiple regions at once, actually. Just a somewhat unwieldy process.

Not ideal, but the hardware itself is not region locked natively.

1upgamer992276d ago

"unwieldy process" Uh that's all it took for Wii. Same for all Nintendo Consoles, but most people wont do it.

Qrphe2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Vita's DLC is region-locked per account (unless you change the system's account), Vita can definitely play games from any region, so it's not region-locked.

Apex132276d ago

what is everyone crying about or am I missing something?

was it not only Sony this gen that never region locked their console for the first time? Ms and Nintendo locked theirs and did it cause anyone any problems or harm? why would you not expect them to lock it? it seems just like Apple, when you are on top everyone who does nto have access to your product will have something to moan about. Get over it.

1upgamer992276d ago


ShaunCameron2275d ago

Well the author's right about nobody caring about region-locking. That's because nobody's interested in importing games from other regions. Never really have been to begin with.