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A Critical Hit!: " Double Dragon may have been the title that popularized the genre — in the same way that Doom first popularized the first person shooter — but it was a series that already felt dated by its third installment, once Capcom and Konami threw their hats into the ring with games like Final Fight and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. How do you take an old, classic series and make it fresh and relevant again?

WayForward’s attempted solution did not involve making the game a remake, reboot, nor sequel. Instead, Double Dragon Neon is the videogame equivalent of movies like Starsky & Hutch, Land Of The Lost, and The Brady Bunch Movie — it’s a game that parodies the series it was based on, and the decade it came from."

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ab5olut10n2275d ago

It's not a parody, it's an homage.