Why Mobile Gaming Will Never Replace Core Gaming

LL writes: For a long time now, spectators of the industry have been claiming that mobile gaming will be the force of reckoning to shatter apart the foundations of core gaming. Some analysts have placed the blame for falling EA stock on such a force. When the company went up for sale in August, it was claimed that the reason was a fall in core game consumption caused by the growth of the mobile gaming industry. The problem I have with such a claim is that there are already obvious reasons for why EA would be suffering. Reasons such as a poor PR and dropping quality in video games that they’ve been producing in the last generation of gaming. Not only that but mobile gaming simply doesn’t provide an ample threat to core gaming. Allow me to explain.

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Godmars2902272d ago

$60 games vs $1-$15 games?

Though ironically, by catering to the iSO game market for potential cheap and easy cash big publishers compromise the quality of console games, lowering justification to buy them.

isntchrisl2271d ago

I imagine a lot of console games will be made to be scaled to tablets and even phones. I'm not looking forward to that future.