Five Reasons I Dislike Console Gaming In 2012

The Koalition writes: Regardless of what happens in the industry I will be a gamer until the day I die, so don’t take this title the wrong way. In no way have I given up on gaming. The fact of the matter is that over the past year or two the direction of gaming has been in question, as we begin to see newer and smaller devices capable of pulling off results similar to the consoles we have come to love.

But the tablets aren’t why I’ve slowly gone off gaming this year, even though it’s safe to say tablets are stealing the value away from game consoles. So, below is a detailed list on why I’ve almost completely fallen out of love with game consoles in 2012.

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DaReapa2247d ago

Nice read, and I totally agree with everything mentioned...although I feel that the repetition really started hitting home for me much earlier this gen of gaming let alone the past few years. Having a PS3 and a gaming rig, the PC is rapidly becoming my preferred platform for gaming, not only for the value in software (i.e. Steam), but also for its diversity of games that can't be found on consoles (i.e. milsims and rts's).

T9002247d ago


Consoles simply dont provide the sort of genres the PC can provide.

Not to mention when i pay for a game i would like to be able to keep it. I dont like all the drama with new consoles not being able to play older games. then being forced to buy HD remakes just to play the older games.

Knight_Crawler2247d ago

My number one reason is the amount of shooters that we got and are getting.

This gen was really dissapointing if you ask me - If this shooter trend is going to be the norm next gen then I am done with gaming.

cpayne932247d ago

I have to agree, even though others are disagreeing. I'm so sick of all these point and click games with scripted events and where you just move in one direction the whole game. You just can't beat the non-linear games where you went on an adventure, like banjo kazooie, mario 64, and oot. N64 will always be my favorite platform.

Still though, I don't have a problem with lbp karting like that guy, since that is a genre we don't see much of anymore. Not sure why he is upset, its a new ip. Also, I'm really looking forward to ps all stars, he didn't even mention that.

One last thing... "but they are also boasting gaming collections for old games that everybody should have by now" Well I don't have every ps2 game and every ps3 game. I actually just bought the prince of persia trilogy.

ab5olut10n2247d ago

How about because the console manufacturers are trying to divide and conquer us like the politicians do? Fanning the flames of the Fanboy Wars, pitting brother against brother for the sake of paper slips and whatever value you attach to them. Sorry, I've been smoking hash and listening to RatM all night.

ab5olut10n2247d ago

Disagreeth all thy will, Machine! It matters not, for my Rage is eternal. And so is this wicked huge ball of hash apparently.

Knight_Crawler2247d ago

One console to rule them all.

ab5olut10n2247d ago

I'm not saying that. The console makers should make their $ the old fashioned having a better product. Innovation > indoctrination.

Ruggadagod2247d ago

If you don't like Japanese games, there is no reason to own a console. Many western games can be found on the PC naturally but not many Japanese games can each gen. Only through emulation.

CBaoth2247d ago

"If you don't like Japanese games, there is no reason to own a console."

Sports IPs,Uncharted, LBP, Halo, Gears, Red Dead, Crackdown, GT, Forza, GOW, Resistance, Killzone, R&C, Sly Cooper, Metroid, Metal Gear, Zelda, Castlevania, and Mario.

I included the last four franchises to punctuate the point that while they may be Eastern developed (exception being LoS was Mercury Steam), they are very much influenced by Western mechanics.

T9002247d ago

Sports Ips are present on the PC, sure we may not get a yearly roaster update like consoles do, however some sports games actually work better on PC:

Check out Fifa running on 3 screens in Eyefinity: you can see the entire field adds a new dimension to the game:

Uncharted, RDR, Gears TPS - plenty of those on the PC, not like we dont get em.

Forza, GT5- you want simulators, PC actually has better simulators. You want arcade racers PC gets those too.

Mario, Metroid, Zelda- shouldnt be on the list, we can emulate every nintendo game out there and run it in 1080p, works better than nintendo hardware itself since we can even use whatever controller we like.

Halo, Killzone- Please PC is where shooters originated, we have much better games than those two. Infact console shooters are a downgrade compared to PC versions.

Basically you are combining all 3 consoles and coming up with that list. Yet PC does do those generes of games.

However consoles have no reply to games like:

Dota 2,
WarZ (mods basically)
RTS games,
MMOs (mmos on console are a shadow of what is available on PC).

So while PC offers generes available on console (heck it may even do that by emulating older consoles), consoles dont have a reply to the generes PC can do.

ZeroX98762247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )


ok, so If me I don't care about RTS, or MMOs, or Simulators and I want a straight to game experience with the ability to bring my machine to my friends house and play with 6 firends in the same house without requiring any hardcore setups and the most important, without costing more than 400$ for my machine? because if there's a pc like that for cheap as this, send me the link, I'll buy it right now!

I was a big pc gamer back in the days, but with my job, studies and my budget, I tried to keep up, but didn't had enough money.

Most of the games I'm enjoying right now are games that my 2008 pc can still run like League of legends, starcraft 2, diablo 3, minecraft and a couple of MMO for a while. Sure, my graphics are setup to medium or low, but I'm still enjoying the game.

Sports IP, Nhl is not on PC and If I'm not mistaken madden is not on it too. MLB also is not on PC. Also, what driving games does have as much content as GT and forza (I'm curious I want to try it out with my G25 :D)? because graphics personaly, I can sacrifice a bit of it for more content, obviously.

I don't know why gamers debate what console/pc is the best. The platform you'll choose is the platform with the most games you like.

CBaoth2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Please, I also own a PC that is my primary gaming platform so save the elitist rhetoric.

I'll give you emulation if you bought the original hardware and software. Otherwise you're nothing more than a scummy pirate illegally downloading ISOs. We're not talking about abandoned IPs either. I have to believe you implied Dolphin since many other devices can run EMUs for older software. Not just PC.

PC sport IPs pale in comparison to the breadth and variety found on consoles. Unless soccer sims are your thing.

While there are plenty of racing IPs more beautiful than either Forza or GT, you'd be hard pressed to find dedicated communities bigger than either on PC. Like so many titles on PC there's too much software to choose from; ultimately the communities, while extremely passionate as well, suffer from fragmentation more.

More FPS shooters on PC AND they're better than console ones? Wow you don't say! Please note the heavy sarcasm and tell me where I implied console FPS were better. I only said exclusive and Western developed.

I've played plenty of adventure games as well on PC and can't think of a single exclusive that plays better than their console counterparts. Let me guess the fighting genre is also better on PC too because Capcom threw us a few scraps?

"Basically you are combining all 3 consoles and coming up with that list. Yet PC does do those generes of games."

No I recognize people here on N4G hate fucking lists and walls of texts. So I try to keep the posts to a minimum. So no semi-popular titles (Infamous, Socom, Darkness1, Enslaved, Heavenly Sword, Dante's Inferno, Brutal Legend, Kameo, Perfect Dark, Dead Rising1, Banjo, BF:Bad Company1, I could go on & on), no mention of XBLA and PSN stuff, etc... Just a small sample to refute the OP's statement.

EDIT: @ Zero "I don't know why gamers debate what console/pc is the best". Exactly, in the old days it was arcades, PCs, consoles, even those pre-handheld devices that played one game lol. We went wherever the games were. Now it's MS vs. Sony vs. Nintendo, console vs. PC, core vs. casual, mobile vs. traditional, dedicated handheld vs. smartphones... so effing dumb

InTheLab2247d ago

Agree with everything aside from the hardware issue, specifically mandatory installs and patches...and focus being shifted to mobile.

Mandatory installs have seen a decline over the last few years and the only game I've really been forced to install anything was Max Payne 3 (the author mentions this game several times). Also, if you're telling me the occasional mandatory install on PS3 is an issue but 3 points later bring up PC gaming...which requires a download AND install, I'm gonna call that complaining to make a point. Also, complaining about HDD space on a console that makes upgrading as, if not easier, than upgrading your PC's storage...again, that comes off as complaining just to make a point.

As for the focus shift to tablets and smartphones...

I just picked up a Galaxy S3 and downloaded Dead Trigger and some random Gameloft shooter. Those games, aside from having either awful gyro controls or even more awful touch controls, are only good because they're a break of simple apps like Temple Runner, Cut the Rope, and the almighty angry birds. None of that crap holds a candle to any of the games on actual gaming devices.

Now, devs and pubs are aware of the growing audience for their games, but they're also aware that real gamers know where to find real games.

ZeroX98762247d ago

for the mandatory install you're exactly right. HDD are so cheap now and even more, the PS3 takes any 2.5 laptop hard drive (sata or SSD. bought my 1 TB external HDD, so I just need to pop it out of there and put it in my PS3 (Or PC). So mandatory install shouldn't be a problem.

I'm very excited to see what's sony got in store for gaikai! in a couple of years, you will probably be able to play your Playstation games on your PC, or cellphone or PS4-5 (if it goes that far). No more need to buy a PC, no more need to download patches, no more need to install games, no more need to upgrade neither. it's like too good to be true. My Connection here is Fiber Op 80 mbs download 40 mbs upload with unlimited bandwidth, so cloud gaming is a pretty good option for me. Didn't play hardcore PC games in a while, maybe this is the thing to get me back in!

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