Top 40 Iconic Game Characters - #40 - 33

From Big Daddy and Yoshi to Ray Man, Sub Zero, and others, 411's David McGregor ranks his Top 40 Iconic Video Game Characters, starting with #40 to #33!

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ninjabake2244d ago

Man I miss the late 90s. 3d platformers were so much fun and different and unique in their own way. Sure, a good amount of them were Mario 64 clones but they were some of my favorite games. The genre is now overshadowed by dark gritty shooters and are labeled as "kiddy" but I, for one, would love to see a few more games like 3d platformers or games that don't take themselves so seriously. Its not about realism all the time with me its all about having fun and that genre doesn't disappoint in that area.

Freak of Nature2244d ago

I agree...

Mario, Banjo, Abe, games with style and a caricature/toon appeal are always welcome for me... A nice mix of Uncharted/Link-Zelda/Mario/Gea rs/LBP for example is a perfect formula for me...

ninjabake2244d ago

Wow that combo would be a dream lol imagine how dope that would be. Darksiders did a good job blending Zelda/ God of War/ Prince of persia and a little Banjo Kazooie. That game played like a dream. (The sequel anyways)