Naruto Storm 3: 20 New Screenshots, English-Subbed Trailer

Namco Bandai Games has released 20 screenshots of Naruto Storm 3 along with the English-subbed TGS trailer.

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tayz2273d ago

i love it!!! so much new Naruto stuff in a matter of a day!!! good times keep rolling!

Shadonic2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

describe new because honostly its the same old stuff. Even that crowd battleing thing with sasuke was kind of done in storm 2 with jiraiya but it was with 3 people. Only thing new comeing to this game is more characters and story cinimatics. If nothing big comes to the overall combat thats new and big then im not buying this game.

ZeroChaos2273d ago

I just hope they go really far into the current manga series and include a lot of the enemies. With Hanzō being there no doubt there is going to be a lot of characters.

Currently though I think there is going to be at least one more UNS game, and that'll wrap up everything.