PopCap Dublin has closed, staff claim

Casual games giant PopCap has closed its studio in Dublin, Ireland, employees at the studio have claimed.

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Knight_Crawler2070d ago

RIP Pop Cap - your Angry Birds games will be missed.

Dark_Overlord2070d ago

Its Rovio that makes the angry bird games. Popcap make games such as Plants Vs Zombies, Zuma, Bejeweled etc

Full list here :)

Anyway OT, it seems EA are already tearing Popcap apart :(

3-4-52070d ago

wasting talent on making mediocre games.

BitbyDeath2069d ago

Would be nice if they could make another Plants Vs Zombies game before EA kills them completely.

Dark_Overlord2069d ago

http: // 2012/08/20/plants-vs-zombies-2 -announced/


BitbyDeath2069d ago

:O Awesome.
Bubz for that. XD