FIFA 13: Guide to the Confirmed English Premier League Player Ratings

Bleacher Report's Nick Akerman writes, "FIFA 13 is nearly with us. In the run-up to release, I've spent plenty of time with the finished version of the game. Speculation continues to arise as to how each player will be rated. It's time to end the rumours."

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Yi-Long2271d ago

... Sterling (Liverpool) gets a 69, but is already better than Arshavin (Arsenal), who gets a whopping 81, despite having been crap these last few years...(!)

krazykombatant2271d ago

There is bound to be a patch, to fix things like this if not the first day after a week or so.

Nakerman2271d ago

Matchday experience changes it every week depending on real-life performances.

Nakerman2271d ago

Remember the score is taken from averages. Sterling isn't a better all-round player despite his great start to the season.

Yi-Long2271d ago

... when he's been (pardon my french) shite for 3 seasons!?

All that credential based on 1 good performance on a tournament!?

Nate-Dog2270d ago

Well he's still plays international football regularly, and captains his international side and is probably one of their most effective players. I don't think the ratings really make a massive difference to be honest. Before in FIFA you'd take a winger and put him at centre back and he'd go down 20 points but would still be as good as he is on the wing technically. From the demo it seems like they haven't even bothered with the deductions now.

3-4-52270d ago

The Ratings are scaled lower and more realistically.

Gone are the days of 30+ players being 90 or above.

70-80 are Good Solid players that can help you win.

80-90 are the really good to great players

90+ = the outstanding best of the best players.

That is how it always should have been.