Molyneux: Games Industry turned 'lazy'

The games industry has turned 'lazy' thanks to a long console cycle, according to English game designer Peter Molyneux.

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claud32245d ago

Molyneux you are a plague in the gaming industry. Just like the black death, you are going to wipe nearly everyone out. The sad thing is that you will still be standing and opening that mouth of yours all the time

GribbleGrunger2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

I agree it's turned lazy, but it's got nothing to do with long console cycle. It's just that reviewers have demanded multiplayer for every game and people whoop every time someone gets their head shot off in games. Look at the E3 footage of TLOU for proof of this. The biggest cheer was when he shot the guy in the face with the shotgun. Worrying.

Shallow gamer tastes and reviewer demands have narrowed the choices developers make and we are now seeing the results. There are still devs out there that push at what is possible or acceptable but these games sell less. And when they sell less, the press constantly go on about that fact and the gamers gloat about it... It's a never ending jerk circle to mediocrity.

Throw in the fact that mobile phone gamers expect a lot less from their games and you have a recipe for disaster. We need console makers to take risks and not worry that certain games don't sell COD numbers. That is the only way this industry will evolve to survive. Those console manufacturers that just follow fashion will drive the industry into a cul-de-sac and further homogenise gaming.

Jdoki2245d ago

Good comment.

In general the industry has become risk averse, not lazy. But to an extent this is understandable. When it costs multiple millions to produce a game some publishers / developers are literally risking their future existence on its success.

Unfortunately we, as consumers, are in a situation where generic titles sell. The demand for original, innovative and risky titles is much smaller than the mob who just demand more Halo, more CoD. more FPS / TPS crud. So devs cater to the lowest common denominator and the biggest potential market.

In some ways the video game industry is only now transitioning out of it's painful teenage years, so hopefully we'll see things evolve in time in the same way there's been a resurgence in Indie films. Publishers need to be investing some of the profit from the blockbuster games in to smaller teams who are willing to take risks.

Mobile gaming is in it's infancy - barely out of crawling and soiling itself - but I think it will provide a rich proving ground for smaller devs. Looking at titles coming in the next 12 months or so gives me hope that some of the best innovation will be found on tablets (Republique for example), and serious gamers will be well catered for.

GribbleGrunger2245d ago

That's a far more optimistic view but equally as valid as mine. I agree with all the points you've made... but we need someone to embrace the Indie scene and maybe encourage those that support phones to come over to PSN or LIVE. Then they may reach the next level; although, the phone industry is getting more powerful chipsets and hopefully, this could end up (like you said) as a proving ground for up and coming devs.

Fingers crossed

hard joe2245d ago

the same game recycled every year
yet sells millions
why not be lazy?

abzdine2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

there isnt only COD.
devs copy each other, very few take risky initiatives, but the consumer is the one to blame, he only buys what he knows is "good". You cannot say a game is good before you try others. In this case for me the industry gets lazy.

sly-Famous2245d ago

Not lazy just mediocre, luckily there are devs like ND, QD and SPP who have not fallen for the main streem yet by pesenting top quality games.

krazykombatant2245d ago

Says the man, who hasn't made a good game in ages. All of the past 2 fabel games have been utter shit. OHHH YOU CAN HOLD HANDS WITH THE NPCS.... WOOOHOO.

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