Wii U’s Nintendo Land (and why it’s arguably the most important game Nintendo has ever released)

The Independent: "The Wii U launch title is not only shaping up to be a game to tempt gamers and non-gamers alike, but smartly teaches gaming novices how to play a wide variety of genres."

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LX-General-Kaos2245d ago

I agree with this article completely and have shared a number of those points since the day I had seen Nintendo Land during E3 2012.

As the article had described, I seen Nintendo Land as an entry way for people not familiar with Nintendos exclusive offerings to get a first hand glimpse. Letting the non aware Nintendo Wii U entertainment system consumer get a hands on demo of what the big deal is all about with those Nintendo games people were talking about. While at the same time letting them experiment around with the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet control functions without playing something too complicated.

I am not going to say that this is the most important release in Nintendos rich history of exclusive AAA offerings. Though I am sure this title will more than serve its purpose as an entry to Nintendos back catalog of greats. A very nifty way to advertise said product while making money at the same time.

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ElectricKaibutsu2245d ago

The title of the article is exaggerating quite a bit. There have been many more important games for Nintendo over the years.

Ignoring the silly title, the article's point is actually amazing. And I honestly think whoever comes up with the ideas at Nintendo is a certified genius.

Nintendo Land is basically the Wii Sports of the Wii U. Everyone knows this. It's designed to show people why having a touchscreen interface for a console is revolutionary like Wii Sports did with the Wiimote. Except that's missing the entire point of Nintendo Land! Nintendo created Wii Sports so people would say "Hey, I like bowling. Let's try this bowling simulator." The fact that the Wii was a video game console was completely hidden. There was no Mario, no Zelda, no anything that had anything to do with video games in Wii Sports. And now here comes Nintendo Land with people expecting the same thing. Except it's completely different. It's filled to the brim with video game characters and every play style imaginable (well, sort of, there's a lot is what I'm saying). This isn't to draw people into Wii waggle gaming, it's to draw them into becoming real hardcore gamers. A bunch a people who loved Wii Sports are going to pick up a Wii U and not expect it to be a trojan horse. They're going to see what the Wii U's version of tennis is and end up playing a third person shooter with vehicles, a multiplayer survival-horror, and a racer, plus others.

Nintendo Land will teach people how to play video games. If Nintendo can't get the hardcore gamers back then maybe they'll be able to make some of their own.

CBaoth2245d ago

I think it's a fabulous strategy for enticing newbies to try other genres in a fun but non-competitive environment while providing entertainment for those who plunked down $350 and may have to wait on purchasing software.

ninjabake2245d ago

You know what I agree. Nintendoland has potential and its way deeper than Wii Sports was and its also a pack in for the deluxe so your saving $10. I do believe that Nintendoland is an important game for the Wii u, I'm not so sure how it'll sell on its own being $59.99. I guess they want most people getting the deluxe model.