If They Co-Created

The author ponders what would happen if the greatest Japanese and Western minds came together and co-created video game magic.

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Godmars2901376d ago

Please take Peter Molyneux off that list.

I'll give him the credit he's more than due for his early works, be he's only been full of himself since.

And some of that is his fan's fault.

claud31376d ago

Molyneux, is a joke and should be in the top plagues of game creation instead and not on a list if excellent creators

iamnsuperman1376d ago

I think Molyneux needs to prove himself again. To much bs over recent years have really damaged his image.

Knight_Crawler1376d ago

If they co-created? Then this game would be called the Never Ending Prpoject...too many egos would get int he way and the game would take 20 years to make and Gear Box would publish it.

lonesoul651376d ago

projects like this have already started going on and will continue till the downfall of mega blockbuster games...and it will fall just like the music industry and hollywood...but just like those it will rise again from the ashes on the other side...

3-4-51376d ago

molynneux is a joke. Most Overrated person in gaming history.

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ChickeyCantor1376d ago

There would be absolute chaos. It's one thing to share your creativity with someone. But it's hard as hell when people think they know better. I imagine all of them want things to be done their own way lol.

claud31376d ago

It would suck and cause the universe to blow up

Vettur1376d ago

lol, I laughted way too much :P

Baka-akaB1376d ago

That's as silly as hoping every superstars strikers from the world of Football could and would work well together .

Each got their own ego , and set of ideas that most likely wont mesh

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