Kingdom Hearts - 1.5 HD ReMix Trailer Revealed

Excited for the first portion of the Kingdom Hearts HD Collection? So is the rest of iGo Gaming, which explains the massive excitement level of the upcoming title’s first trailer!

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crxss2276d ago

gonna wait 'till KH1 hits the PS Store. and when 2.5 HD Remix comes out i'll wait till KH2 and KHBBS hit the store. beats overspending for games i don't really care for.

Outside_ofthe_Box2276d ago

If you "don't really care for" them, then way bother "really pay for" them at all? That money would be better spent on something that you "do really care for."

crxss2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

don't think it's that confusing but i'll explain it to you. i like KH1, i don't care for com or 352/2. i've beaten them and they don't really matter in the timeline/aren't very good, therefore i'm not going to pay $40+ for the collection but would rather pay $14.99 for KH1 alone.

supersonicjerry2276d ago

I'm pretty sure it won't come out in the PS store because they could have just done that in the first place. If it does come out in the PS store it will be the same price it won't come out as separate games.

TenkoTAiLS2276d ago

So let me get this straight, Sora heading for Castle Oblivion at the end of KH1 and then randomly being asleep at the start of KH2 is fine with you?

Half of Organization XIII already being defeated with no explanation is fine too?

Namine and Sora's promise. As well as Xion and Roxas's story being absent is fine as well i guess, and why Roxas left the Organization.

Saying you dislike the games personally is one thing, or even the gameplay style. But saying those games don't matter and have no relevant plot points to the series is just kidding yourself >.<

crxss2276d ago

@supersonicjerry it probably will come out on the PS store individually since other HD collection games have.

@TenkoTAiLS have you played KH2? in KH2 they explain everything, except Xion, who really doesn't even need to exist. sorry but it's the truth. BBS on the other hand is actually relevant. i guess you could make the argument that COM is and i wouldn't completely disagree with you there but 352/2 definitely doesn't need to exist. and here's the funny thing, SE's not even putting it in this collection, just videos of it.

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Godchild10202276d ago

This better come state side. I never played Re:Chain of Memories and I would love to play it in HD.

Outside_ofthe_Box2276d ago

It'll come. It is evident that SE wants to maximize their profits with the remixes.

AznGaara2276d ago

It looks pretty good. One of the better HD releases. Can't wait, it better come stateside!!

mrbojingles2276d ago

I really hope they release these HD collections on the Wii U. It could end up as popular in Japan as PS3 since it has Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter, etc. And it would all fit on that iDensity disc drive.

But if not it will still be a great addition to the PS3 library though I wish this was just 1 + 2. Also, what took them so long?

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The story is too old to be commented.