Check Out These Sweet PlayStation All-Stars Voice Overs

Most voice actors reprise their roles for SuperBot’s upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and they all have a lot of sayings to show off their character. Well, Sweet Tooth tends to have a lot of laughing, but the point was made.

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smashman981676d ago

lol at sweet tooths awkward laughing spree

Godchild10201676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I can't wait for the game to come out, but after hearing the voice work in such a rapid succession kind of turn me off.

I'm going to forget that I watched that and go back to wanting the game to come out. After playing the demo at Gamestop, it helped me make my choice and the wait unbearable. Well this and Persona 4 Golden is what I'm really waiting to play.

crxss1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

"just get me in and i'll do the rest" LOL

every quote after that is his sex talk

prototypeknuckles1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

jak and new dantes voices really irritate me especially jak because i like that character, did they change the voice actor because it sounds completly different than he did in the trilogy and X

now raiden on the other hand sounds like a total badass

dboi7871676d ago

Yeah its the voice actor from Lost Frontier.

Carl_Shocker1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Well I had heard Mike Erwin had done Jak in the game and he was the one who voiced him originaly. IMDB says so but then again it's not always reliable....looks like it was wrong

Shame the new guy sucks

smashcrashbash1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I laughed at Sir Dan's sequence and his constant mumbling r. I can just picture the other All Stars just standing there looking at Sir Dan and trying to make sense of his mumbling .BTW if for some reason they don't reveal any new characters TGS I hope that their are still more characters to be revealed.

r211676d ago

Fat that Tara Strong? Sounds like her. Nariko sounded so epic, I really gotta buy that game when i can.

crxss1676d ago

disappointed with Dante's lines, until he said, "Lets turn some heads..................(long pause)....................... the wrong way". haha that pause got me.

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