80° - Review of the Sony Pulse Wireless Headset: Elite Edition

Last year, Sony brought us a decent set of wireless headsets. This year, they attempt to improve upon that design.

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dorron2275d ago

I would like to know if this one works wireless with any TV. If so, I would buy it no doubt!

ChronoJoe2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )


ChronoJoe2275d ago

Lol if you read to the bottom of the review the headset broke basically right after he reviewed it.

They look good though, but I'd like to wait around to see if his issue effects many others.

torgo2275d ago

Out of all of the reviewers, mine is the only one that has the issue though.

ChronoJoe2274d ago

That is true, but with that said most wouldn't even bother to be as honest as you, and this product doesn't have all that many reviews out yet either.

I've been burnt by wireless products that permanently lose sync before (Razer Mamba)so it's often good to stay on the cautious side.

C0MPUT3R2275d ago

I'm just waiting for the official PS headset that syncs seamlessly via Bluetooth with the PS3/4, and the PS Vita.
This headset is 3.5mm wired with Vita. If I can't wait, and these go on a good sale I will get these.

torgo2275d ago

Bluetooth doesn't have enough available bandwidth to be effective. Also, you'd be running two profiles at once, one for Chat, and one for Audio.

user77927882275d ago

Great review, if only there was someway to experience this "bass impact" tech before i just run out and buy it. But i think ima go with my gut and just get the thing, Glad the 7.1 works with the Vita.

KONAAs2275d ago

i had the original ps3 stereo headset, what all reviwers forget to mention is, that the pulse and stereo use the same usb dongle, if u loose the usb dongle or break it, sony WILL NOT, sell u a replacement, they dont even know who is the 3rd party company that makes the headset for sony, sony customer care will actually send u to look for them on ebay a product no one can make becuse sony is the only one with the rights to do it, loose it and ur out of 100 or 150 depending what u buy, i whent with the astros A50 they seel them at best buy great waranty in bestbuy

torgo2275d ago

The A50's are amazing, but they're also WAY more expensive.