7 Ways to Speed Up Your Notebook writes:

"There's nothing as painful as the day you realize your laptop is old. It sneaks up on you. You wake up one morning, press the Power button, and two minutes later the laptop is still booting. When you finally get to check your e-mail it takes yet another minute (or more) to launch the application.

You can get all kinds of advice from people on ways to give your system some much-needed oomph, from adding more memory to loading system optimizers. We put the following seven tips to the test on two sluggish notebooks-one running Windows Vista and one running Windows XP-to see if they actually help."

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xplosneer3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Also works on desktops for the most part.

I just noticed that a nice feature with Vista is that it automatically runs a defrag at a set time every week.

xplosneer3755d ago

I thought I was good at computers! That spyware software cought 52 cases holy crap!

ravenguard883755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I'd have to say this is all common sense. It's a little upsetting that "buy more RAM" is pretty much guaranteed to be the largest contributer to performance by a long shot.

Anti-spyware software isn't really necessary if you're careful about what you download and which websites you are visiting.

Anti-virus is a must have, but don't ever fall for the advertising around Norton, there are much better, FREE anti-virus services.

Ironically, running anti-spyware and anti-virus software will only (in some cases) improve performance if you have spyware and viruses. A system riddled with spyware would probably benefit the most.

riksweeney3755d ago


Defragmenting will only work if you're not using your computer, otherwise, every time you change a file on the disk, it will have to start over.

The only way I could ever get it to complete was to disable the swap file and screensaver and anything else which would write to the HD even if I wasn't doing anything.

peacefulpony3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

The solution is to uninstall Vista on your laptop. Followed by your desktop. This article is hilarious. There are alternatives out there!

And, if XP gets slow on you, reinstall it. If it was always slow, run Linux.

Bonsai12143755d ago

these things don't work for os x!! oh wait, they don't have to.... oh snap

ravenguard883755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Every Mac owner will regret it, because viruses and spyware will slowly flood into the Apple operating systems.

Then there won't be a reason to spend $600 more on a Mac. Ironic? I think so.

coolfool3755d ago

Everyone when they get a new computer they are happy with the performance (well, you'd hope so). Why should they slow down overtime?

Lets a assume your computer is running the same amount of software as it did when you first got the thing, the HD is defragged and no unscrupolous services are running.

After all that your computer should be just as fast as when you first bought it right? I mean, cpu's don't slowdown with age do they?

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