First look at Alpha-152 in Dead or Alive 5

A new screenshot has popped up online for the upcoming multiplatform title, Dead or Alive 5, offering a first look at Alpha-152 as a playable character.

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Lucretia2271d ago

like i said, n4g is just full of spoilers....why cant the spoilers just be inside the article, why are they in the title?

DivineAssault 2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Ya, im not even going to open this.. I wana see it first hand tonight when i pick it up.. I cant wait to play it.. Jan Lee & Tina all the way..

The trophy list ruined it for me.. So dont look at it if it comes up.. Spoilers

Lucretia2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Bubbles up,

thhanks for heads up, I mean I normally dont look at trophy list but you could have saved a few people.

I think all articles spoiling things in the title should be banned.

titles like this damn near spoiled most of RE6 for me as well get it tonight? no faaaair! they having midnight release?

[email protected] DivineAssault

Ahhh freeaking sweet, man, I feel like gettin it tonight then. Me and my fiance are craving this game so bad! ha and we are getting collectors too XD.

good thing for reward points that got me 100 bucks in free gamestop coupons XD

DivineAssault 2271d ago

Yup.. Official LBP, this, & a couple others... Its not dedicated to this game but theres a midnight launch so im getting mine tonight.. CE PS3 paid in full already.. $80 tho, ouch!