Angry Birds Trilogy debut trailer

Take a look at the debut trailer for Angry Birds Trilogy on PS3/360/3DS.

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VikingDaddy2269d ago

I will never, ever understand the appeal of Angry Birds. Also, that was quite possibly the worst trailer I've ever seen. It didn't tell me anything about the three games in the "trilogy," as all those clips looked exactly the same, and they didn't even try to mix the sound effects or music into something exciting. Yawn.

PirateThom2269d ago

It's a time waster in the truest sense. Not original, not deep, but it can be useful to pass a few minutes if you're sitting somewhere with a low price being the biggest reason for its success... which is why home console versions or a version costing more than what it does on a phone is pointless.

VikingDaddy2268d ago

I guess I can understand that. I suppose the fact that you can sit down and play a few tries at a level in less than a minute counts for a lot to some people.

ALLWRONG2268d ago

It's a simple phone game what were you expecting?