Halo 4: The Flood Returns

The Flood returns for Halo 4.

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mafiahajeri2093d ago

They were fun to play against especially those fat ones that would explode. Their the zombies of the halo universe and they always reminded me of something out of half life.

peowpeow2092d ago

I also found them halflife-esque with the headcrab equivalent etc.

I for one wouldn't mind a return

LAWSON722093d ago ShowReplies(1)
dexter116282093d ago

Its cool to see you starting to make videos! Keep up the great work. (Im subscribing for more kittens)

MoreConsole2093d ago

Haha, awesome! Thanks man!

otherZinc2093d ago

Great video.

I loved The Flood. In the Library on Legendary, was one of the greatest challenges in video game history.

The Flood along with the Covenant are 2 of the greatest enemies of "All Times".

I'm looking forward to the return of the Flood in future Halo Games.

cl19832093d ago

this info has been out for over a week.

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