IGN: This is Vegas suits - Get the scoop on the game's four factions

IGN's Erik Brudvig writes:

"If you've been to Las Vegas, you know the city has many faces. A simple stroll down the strip can show you everything from the decadence of the Bellagio to a cheesy Elvis impersonator. I'm still trying to forget the things I saw when I wandered off the strip into a seedy part of town. The folks at Surreal did their research and know that part of what makes Vegas so alluring is the drastically different reasons people go there. Today we take a look at the four major communities in This is Vegas that you'll have to interact with if you want to succeed."

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TheWickedOne3724d ago

Not really sure what this game is truly about. It's does look slightly promising. I heard some people call it the "adult" Sims. Not sure if thats true, but if it is it might be fun.

As long as there is Strip Clubs and Hookers!