Japan Game Awards 2012 Winners: Games of the Year, Amateur & Future Divisions

The winners of the Japan Game Awards 2012 for Games of the Year, Amateur and Future Divisions have been announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2012.

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Chrono2243d ago

Gravity Rush deserves it.

MasterCornholio2243d ago

What an innovative new ip.

Its sad that the game didn't sell too well.


Acquiescence2243d ago

Y'know, considering it's a Vita game and all.

Studio-YaMi2243d ago

I bought my copy of the game just 4 days ago and I'm loving every moment of it :D !

r212243d ago

EleDive? Neat, I presume this wont come out internationally. And its good to see Gravity Rush not only get TGS2012 GOTY but also game designers :D One of this gen's(next gen?) greatest gems :)

2243d ago
DivineAssault 2243d ago

Gravity rush is under appreciated in the west.. I think the game rocks.. Its not perfect cuz it needs more depth but it was a great vita launch window title.. If a sequel gets made, i will definitely buy it day 1, especially if they get more dev time & resources to build it.. This is one game i will have for the rest of my vitas life