Mike Tyson's Punch Out: A Musical Score That Revels In Possession

8bitfix writes: It's all a haze. One minute I am with my friend Joey Villescas; the next, I am waking up on his floor lying on a bag of Blow Pops. Joey is close by, and so are two more of his friends. Strewn half-empty bags of chips and warm sodas are everywhere. All of us asleep on this cold marble. None of us eager to leave the vicinity of Joey's new Nintendo Entertainment System. It was early July 5th, 1987 and in one afternoon, Joey had altered my life's landscape, and had allowed what is essentially the criminal element into my brain. From this point forward, video games were in control and my personal balance was merely a pawn in their schemes.

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Kos-Mos2271d ago

Punchout theme vs. all the crap music this generation from gears, halo, gta, killzone, gow, me, cod.

Punchout wins on K.O