Master Chief wakes up in this Halo 4 campaign trailer

Halo 4‘s release date just got a little harder to wait for. A new trailer has just been released, featuring some intense gamplay from the single-player campaign.

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bubblebeam2271d ago

Agreed. I keep getting more and more excited for this game. Everything looks so crisp and clear. Just the simple things like the banshee, it looks much more detailed and......awesome.

The melee kill on the Promethean Knight was crazy (r21 below beat me to it).

343 should calm down on the lighting, its almost too good its distracting lol. I know people keep bringing up the lighting, but I am amazed. The lighting fused with Halo's distinct art-style will treat us to one of the most beautiful games ever made IMO.

Can't come soon enough.

otherZinc2270d ago


The anticipation is great. Cant wait, my game of the year.

Carl_Shocker2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

THIS is what I'm talking about, non of that live action crap, just pure campaign gameplay footage :D

Although I wished they made an effort to make it a bit more epic...some nice music and well put together editing would of bee nice but I'm sure that will come the week before launch.

Muffins12232271d ago far all there "trailers" have just been clips of gameplay...but those multiplayer dub step trailers where alright.Still,They need at-least 1 actual trailer before launch

Frankfurt2271d ago

Yeah, the footage itself is great, but the trailer is just random gameplay, very choppy.

Dread2271d ago

Sweet gameplay

Cant wait :)

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The story is too old to be commented.