OXCGN's Dead Trigger Review: Portable Zombie Killing at its Finest


"Ever wanted to experience the thrilling terror of what Call of Duty‘s Nazi Zombies has to offer? Or witness a game that showed off the capabilities of your latest gadget?

Fret no more, because the team at Madfinger Games (the studio behind Shadowgun, also available on Android/iOS devices) has brought out Dead Trigger, a First Person Shooter set during a zombie apocalypse."

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Proeliator2274d ago

Wow, this looks incredible for a mobile game. May have to check it out.

DeusExer2273d ago

Was just thinking the same thing. You don't really expect to have a decent FPS on a mobile device.

zeal0us2273d ago

Its pretty fun. Sadly once you buy your first weapon you will lost your assault rifle and be left with a handgun.

Some equipment and guns require real world money. Others require a lot of grinding.

gaminoz2273d ago

Why haven't I hear of it?