How to get more 'Borderlands 2' Golden Keys

Stick Skills: "Want more Borderlands 2 Golden Keys? Here's how to get more."

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Reibooi1853d ago

How is it not a real story? I didn't know they were giving away Golden Keys on Twitter and now I know. Isn't that the point of adding a story to N4G? To inform people?

HebrewHammer1854d ago

Spent my Golden Key at LVL 3. lol

Pintheshadows1853d ago

Glad i'm not the only one. I just thought it was a normal chest.

Reibooi1853d ago

Ya I did the same but I signed up for the shift thing and got me another one and this one I'm saving until Perhaps after all the DLC comes out cause I bet they will raise the level cap and getting something from the chest then will probably net you some insane stuff.

antz11041853d ago

Lol most ppl did. Its easy to get the second just by signing up for a SHIFT acct right off the extras menu.

dumahim1853d ago

Golden Keys are over-rated.

TooTall191853d ago

Is there orange level guns in this one? I've got a few pink and those seem to be the best so far.

vickers5001853d ago

Yeah, there are orange lvl gear in the game.

Ron_Danger1853d ago

There's also the ultra rare yellow weapons that have crazy stats and paint jobs. I have a yellow level revolver that has a purple hologram paint job, a lazer sight, and fires 6 rounds per trigger pull!

TooTall191853d ago

In the old game Orange and Yellow class were the same thing. Maybe it's different in BL2. But it's good to hear they are in the game.

iamgoatman1853d ago

On my second play-through the first weapon drop I had was a yellow weapon, from the first Bullymongs you fight. I'm now level 12 on that game and it's still decent.

kma2k1853d ago

ive spent 6+ hours on the damn slot machines trying to get 1 freakin orange gun & had no luck. I have got all my eridium upgrades done & have offically given up. Im planning on using my one golden key right before i finally set out for the final level in my playthrough. Damn you slot machines!!!

dumahim1853d ago

Not surprising. I've probably put in that much time just to get the triple Eridium jackpot. In the next hour, I got it two more times. I have yet to match the bell and vault symbol. Only matched Marcus once.

Archmagel1853d ago

You, good sir, have an addiction.

kma2k1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

In my living room ive got a tv set up & my computer monitor. I had the Yankee & A's game on saturday on the tv & had borderlands 2 on my monitor next to me the game was 14 innings long & 6 hours. While watching the whole game i played the slot machines at the same time. So yea 6+ hours in total & not one freakin triple borderlands logo! I though a couple times man this feels like old school RPG level grinding!

Rupee1853d ago

What did the triple Borderlands logo give you?

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The story is too old to be commented.