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Submitted by Nick212004 1235d ago | podcast

PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Vs. PC Gaming - Unscripted Access Episode #21

"Nintendo announces pricing and release date for the Wii U, Sony hosts their 2012 Tokyo Game Show Conference as we cover live during Unscripted Access, Apple unveils the iPhone 5, and much more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access." (3DS, iPad, iPhone, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Tokyo Game Show, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

decrypt  +   1235d ago
Well most 95% of the games on all platforms are the same. Since most games are now multiplat. PC is the clear winner in multiplats due to superior quality, Mods and cheaper prices.

What it comes down to is exclusives. I think Xbox is the platform with the least of those. Most Xbox console exclusives are already on the PC.

Between the PC and PS3, they both offer a variation of exclusives. PS3 does more TP adventures like like Uncharted or maybe God of war.

PC has exclusives like RTS games Shogun 2, Dota 2 (those are very different games u wont find any thing simular on any other platform). So i would say PC does something thats not there on any other platform. Lets not foget the modding community that gave life to games such as Portal, CS, DayZ.

I am personally a PC gamer and due to the vast number of games on the platform and its unique feature where you can actually build a library with it (since there is no such thing on PC as generations) A PC built today will play games for 25 years back. The library on PC out does any platform out there. Hence personally that leaves me with no time for anything else.

On the console front if i had to make a pick i would pick the PS3 over the Xbox 360.
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aquamala  +   1235d ago
Yep I have them all and
Septic  +   1234d ago
I have them all and its

PC>>>360>>> PS3 for me

It's all down to preferences really. When I do game, I game online a lot and after the PC, the 360 is the console of choice. The PS3 is frustratingly backwards when it comes to online play and playing with mates. I can't even send voice messages? I mean, the original Xbox could do that!

Also, I prefer most of the exclusives on the 360. No PS3 FPS comes close to Halo and with Halo 4 round the corner, that is going to take a big chunk of my gaming time.

The online portion of games on the 360 are far better imo when it comes to exclusives anyway; Gears of War 3 easily trumps the likes of Uncharted (who's MP is an after-thought anyway) with Horde Mode, Beast Mode and proper MP with dedicated servers etc). Forza with its excellent community support and I just think its a better game than GT (although arguably not as good a simulator)

I prefer the PS3 for my fighting games simply because of the controller. Interestingly, most of the Beat em ups actually run better on the 360. Yes, I do have both versions of the games below:

Mortal Kombat 9- Loading is MUCH faster (online sync is faster etc) and performs better as well. With the PS3, if you execute an Xray move, you get this odd delay until the Xray move phases out (and the delay is inconsistent) so if you have a combo you can string after the Xray, this really messes your timing up. The 360 is always consistent. Online play is smoother and a more social affair in King of the Hill mode etc.

SF2THD: Again, the 360 version is way more smoother. Just try and change the controls during a match on the 360 version compared to the PS3. You get this annoying pause every time. Also, the same goes with the options. Furthermore, the PS3 confuses profiles and the button layouts mapped to them if you play locally. So basically somtimes, it attributes the wrong controls to the wrong player.

Street Fighter 4: The loading on the PS3 was maybe 3-4 times longer than on the 360.

Still, I've always ended up buying the PS3 vesrion of the game because 1) the PS3 is in my living room and 2) the controller is better for beat em ups.

It all comes down to player preference though. The PS3 is the better console for third person games and single player games I find. To be honest though, this has been the generation of multiplatform games so you can't go wrong with either. With MS bagging the likes of GTA, TEKKEN, FINAL FANTASY and now MGS, among other games, you can't really go wrong with either.

However, to truly enjoy this gen, you should get all platforms. That way you don't miss out on anything :)
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stragomccloud  +   1234d ago
I have them all as well, but for me it's PC>Wii>PS3>Xbox 360.

This is because the Wii had a number of very interesting core games that are quite different, and play quite differently than any other platform's offering. Though, as I am a PC gamer first and foremost, I have to give props to PC as number one. The sheer back catalog of games alone makes PC number one in my back. Long live Age of Empires!!!!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1235d ago
The PC will be an afterthought for at least 3-4 years after the PS4 and 720 release though.
Xristo  +   1235d ago
Only to the ignorant.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1235d ago

Consoles are more popular and an overall better investment for gamers in general. There's a reason why PC gamers are always saying that consoles are holding PC gaming back. It's because devs are putting more attention into consoles instead of the PC, thus PC gaming will momentarily be an afterthought when the PS4 and 720 release because all the potential profit will be on next-gen consoles, therefore devs will spend more effort on them.

Sorry elitists, but it's the truth not ignorance.
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Oh_Yeah  +   1235d ago
consoles are restricted pc's...the end. but yeah some games dont make it to pc, such as exclusives, some sports games, fighters, and some others. so its nice to have a sony, and nintendo console (if it doesnt get emulated). but xbox? no, at least not this gen anyway, all but 3 of their exclusives are on pc plus you have to pay to play online plus your internet bill. there is really no reason to own a 360 unless your that big of a halo/gears/forza fan.

save up, get a decent 500$ or so pc with a gpu that plays all games, hook it up to your tv with hdmi and grab a 360 or ps3 controller. Itll pay itself off with cheaper game prices, itll play all video files (both free if you want to test or w/e) it lasts longer than a 8 year cycle..just upgrade it, it plays every previous system through emulation, you can record and make your own music, ugh i can keep going but ill stop there.
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Muffins1223  +   1235d ago
Acully as a pc gamer,i agree with you.Pc has gotten alot of attention in the past 3 years due to the fact that consoles are outdated now......
Burnin  +   1235d ago
uhh yeah... specially when both PS-Meh & Xbox-Whatever will be running on what is now a mid-range PC (or worst)

R6ex  +   1234d ago
My switch from consoles to PC was less than satisfying.

I hate the tonnes of fiddling with settings and hardware on the PC. Sometimes, the controls even does not work, despite all your effort.

On consoles, everything just work out of the box.

I'm still pro-PC now due to the graphics.

Come PS4 and 720, I'll go back to console-gaming.

The quality of the gaming experience matters.
Yardie  +   1234d ago

For me the PC offers much more than just better graphics.

i recently made the switch from ps3 to PC, my main reason for doing so was for the freedom, the freedom to choose whether to use a controller or mouse and keyboard, to change the settings to improve the performance, to multitask (play music, podcasts, videos, browse videos etc).

i used to think that PC was all about the graphics over gameplay, until i did some research, finding games like tribes ascend, mechwarrior online, hawken and primal carnage, which all seem to make gameplay the priority.

if the only reason you play on PC is because of the graphics, then PC gaiming is wasted on you.
FanboyPunisher  +   1234d ago
Because they can rip off and make more profits of consoles sheep.

PC gamers have higher IQ, if you have a LOW iq pc gaming will seem like a challenge or even to properly setup a system.

PC arnt just gaming systems, they are the tool to everything. Computers, playing games and learning to mod on them can get you jobs in the industry based on the mod work alone.

PC gamers are for smart people, Consoles are for sheep and dense people that like things simple/casual/etc.
tachy0n  +   1235d ago
a gaming PC and a PS3 is the best entertainment you can get...

oh and dont forget a PSVita for on the go gaming!
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adorie  +   1235d ago
was playing gamecube/nintendo exclusive Resident Evil remake on Dolphin emu, via gaming PC. It's so gorgeous compared to being on my gamecube.

PC is so good. I can play any PS1 or PS2 games I own on emu too and get better graphics out of it.
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AIndoria  +   1234d ago
"better graphics out of it. "
Out of PS2 games? ....Right.
beerkeg  +   1234d ago
'"better graphics out of it. "
Out of PS2 games? ....Right. '

Yes, out of ps2 games. Because with emulators you can add extra graphical options and increase the resolution much more than could be done with a ps2.
hellvaguy  +   1234d ago
"PC is so good. I can play any PS1 or PS2 games I own on emu too and get better graphics out of it."

After hearing from a few people from work and school, Ive unsuccessfully tried several times to downloading Dolphin emu. It just keeps redirecting me to different websites and each time installs more and more spamware.

Pretty much sums up my frustrating pc experience as a whole, with mmo's (Warcraft, Star War's Online, Guild Wars2, Rift) being the exception and the only reason why I still pc game.
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AIndoria  +   1234d ago
Heavy Rain and Valkyria Chronicles await you, my good sir.
PersonMan  +   1234d ago
I doubt a modern PC that runs Battlefield 3 can run a game from 15 years ago. The hardware and software has changed so much that those games are probably not compatible. That's a negative for owning a PC. The more you upgrade, the more other stuff breaks that used to be just fine in the past.

What happens when they drop support for an older game and the newest video drivers and OS are not compatible with it anymore?
DivineAssault  +   1235d ago
PC>PS3>Vita>3DS.. nuff said
SnakeCQC  +   1235d ago
and then the nintendo wii u far far far after
hatsume-miku  +   1234d ago
You're wrong! WiiU is superior to the actual consoles!
SnakeCQC  +   1234d ago
lol ive seen the batman e3 vid it looks like crap and i think the wii u is weaker than the ps3/ 360 /watch?v=TRr6JG15RK4
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Samus HD  +   1234d ago
3DS has better games and of course nintendo Games (its exclusives) so I think 3DS will be over psV (3ds>Vita) ..unless you are comparing POWER
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ATi_Elite  +   1235d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
PC Gaming is something else and really there is no reason to compare PC Gaming to Console gaming cause they are two different worlds.

I guess cause the PC gets the same multiplat titles that the consoles get is why we have the comparison but other than that No Comparison.

Console Gaming has it pluses and community
PC Gaming has it's OWN pluses and community

Current Play List: Firefall Beta, Planetside 2 Beta, Guild Wars 2, TERA Online, DayZ, Takistan Life, Arma II, Take on Helicopters, Torchlight 2, DotA2

all PC Exclusives!
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Trago1337  +   1235d ago
why not just enjoy PC AND consoles?
tachy0n  +   1235d ago
AIndoria  +   1234d ago
I seriously don't get why you got all the disagrees lol. Probably some snobby elitist PC fanboys. I apologise for the idiocy of our kind, sir. I own a PC, and I own a PS3. Yep, Epicness.
BaconBits  +   1235d ago
I like PC gaming but I love sitting on my couch playing something streamlined for the system (console). With a console the designers know exactly what they are working with and no need for driver updates and what-not. That is why they can make pretty decent games for 6-7 year old consoles. Once consoles can support games like BF3 like they do on PC I probably will not go back to PC until the next leap.
Qrphe  +   1235d ago
I have as my preferences for this gen goes atm
PC>PS3>everything else

Earlier on the gen it was

Last gen it was

I've always enjoyed my PC games more than anything else.
ninjabake  +   1235d ago
I don't see the harm in playing all of them and having a good time doing it. Also, why is the Wii U constantly left out of the mix? Oh well I guess some people will just continue to act like they (Nintendo) don't exist. And whoever has more "core" games isn't an argument with me as I simply play what's entertaining and good art. I don't label myself or others and as gamers I don't believe we should be labeling "casuals" or alienating them when they wanna enjoy our hobby as well. Its not like our favorite games are going anywhere as long as your buying em. LOL

But that's all I wanted to say, give Nintendo some credit! Sony and Microsoft will definitely bring some great consoles in the near future but til we see something concrete, the Wii U is the newest hottest item in gaming. Whether you like it or not is subjective but one things for sure, Nintendo is really trying with this new system.
DivineAssault  +   1235d ago
The wii u isnt here for anyone to pass judgement on it being in the mix.. When it arrives, it will have an opportunity to prove itself among the general core audience.. From what was shown, it hasnt.. Yes the power & potential is there, but sorely lacking in software.. Give it time to grow & if it makes great things happen, ppl will jump ship.. Nintendo has a bad rep with ppl who want to play competitive core games.. Mario kart & smash bros dont cut it..

Strong competitive M rated software+strong network=strong core fans.. If not, it will always be at the bottom of the list as a training gaming system for adolescents.. & If that sofware & network doesnt make ppl jump quick, itl never get the chance due to PS4s arrival..
ninjabake  +   1234d ago
You really need to cut it out, divine.

For one, I said that it wasn't an argument with me and I'm not going to engage in an argument over who has more "core" games. Its silly. All systems have games that can be enjoyed by their respective audience. What I was saying is Nintendo is huge in this industry and shouldn't be treated as if they're not even here.

"Strong competitive M rated software"

You've got to be kidding me LOL I may be alone on this one but I don't play games based on their ratings. As an adult, the rating means nothing as I can purchase any game I so choose. Its more about what the game can offer me and my interest level in the game rather than a rating gimmick (which works on you and many other children) to buy a game. If you ask me buying a game based on its rating is very adolescent. Its like an adult saying "I'm only gonna watch rated r movies" then brags to his buddies about sneaking in to watch the movie. Smh. If it's meant for "your audience" then there is no need to even bring the rating up.

If you think that games aren't good or "strong and competitive" if they aren't rated M then you seriously have some growing up to do.
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supergravity  +   1235d ago
Unfortunately for me, even if the 720 is some kind of wunderkind, ain't gonna happen. Went through 3, no longer have it, with out much usage(PS3)to justify the RROD's. I'd always been into getting all the experience, thats why I had a PS3 & 360 & PC at the same time, the PS3 dominated and still does my playing time...PS4 is day one, even though I already have gtx680rig, at the end of the day I'm a gamer, what matters most is who's got the best, that's who gets my time and most of my money & my money for most of my years gaming has been better spent with SONY.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   1235d ago
let's hope sony makes a controller that's not made for lil girls next gen. i broke 2 controllers by dropping them on hardwood flooring from my bed... like, seriously? why are they made so cheaply???
Burnin  +   1235d ago
nerd rage...
Pillsbury1  +   1233d ago
You should learn to take better care of you're belongings.
StreetsofRage  +   1234d ago
To the ones that are saying that PC+PS3 is the best for gaming are not real gamers or just haters. You'll be missing out on the best FPS exclusive in Halo 4, the best exclusive multiplayer third person shooter in Gears 3, and the best exclusive racing sim in Forza.
IRetrouk  +   1234d ago
That's as subjective as everybody else's opinion, I think you need to own all platforms or as many as you can afford to be able to experience everything on offer, every platform offers something different and you shouldn't really limit yourself to one platform
vega275  +   1234d ago
I own all gaming systems except the Wii. I plan on getting the wiiu and 720 when it comes out. I'm mainly a PC gamer which gets the most use,_ but I also play my 360 as a close runner up. I barely play my ps3 except when I go out of town and want to watch movies instead of paying for hotel movies.

For me its PC>360>smartphone>ps3

I put smartphone over the ps3 because I play games on it more than I have on my ps3. Last game I bought for it was GT5 and I was very disappointed and I leave it at that.
CBaoth  +   1234d ago
haha for me it's the exact opposite
PC>PS3>Wii>Vita>3D S>smartphone>360. I've turned on my 360 precisely twice in the last 3 years (for Gears3 and Halo remake). I only buy devices for their exclusives. And if you primarily game on PC, then it completely negates every advantage enjoyed by MS over the other 2.
vega275  +   1234d ago
well If that's what you buy consoles for based on exclusives is your business. i buy my consoles based on what games interest me and i can enjoy with friends also. there are many games on the 360 that aren't on pc and many that i can play with family and friends since many of my peoples don't game on pc.
Braid  +   1234d ago
It's always the same scenario when we talk about graphics.

Next-gen consoles arrive, exclusive games blow minds in the graphics department, PC lacks those highly optimized gorgeous exclusives and the platform falls behind for a while. After two-three years, a PC exclusive that uses the new-gen GPUs at their maximum capacity gets released, being the most gorgeous looking game to date. In the following two years, PCs can render multiplatform games at higher resolution and with advanced graphics options, then the graphical gap starts getting more and more obvious from that moment on. PC takes the lead until the next-generation consoles are released.

The next-gen consoles arrive with exclusives, the same cycle does, and will always, repeat again and again.
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Saryk  +   1234d ago
When next gen arrives, it will be very expensive.
taquito  +   1234d ago

lol.....thats not at all how it works, xbox launched in 2005 with quake 4, it was already on pc with MUCH better textures, much better graphics, much better resolution, higher AA......xbox360=OWNED at launch by pc

ps3 launched in 2006 with what?? resistence, that looked last gen compared to far cry at launch, mega OWNED!

then 2007 came and crysis was out and consoles have NEVER, EVER even come close to crysis dx10, 1080p

it looks real maxed out, next gen consoles won't even look as good as crysis in 1600p with a mod or two,

pc is always leaps and bounds ahead of consoles

you wanna know whats next for consoles, look what pc is doing now

digital, yeah, we've been doing that forever, cloud, same, old news, you guys still don't get that

anti aliasing, lol...maybe one day on console, and i know you say....blah.blah.blah games uses mx2aa4139x, yeah , well, it still looks like a jagged mess, and good old 8x aa on pc CRAPS all over it cause i can play games from 2004 that look crisper, cleaner and nicer than that blurry/low res/jagged mess consoles consider games.
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Braid  +   1234d ago
Dude, I'm a PC gamer myself. I have i5 2500k and HD7850, thinking about upgrading to Zotac GTX660. I know how it is on PC, I just wanted to point out that console exclusives look pretty darn good as there's no way you can play it on PC. Early exclusives are a different story, though. They don't usually use the full power of the consoles. But some look great, do you remember how good Gears of War 1 looked? I had a pretty decent PC as well back then, I always do, but I'm pretty sure that game looked like a real next-gen game to me, which is kind of funny as it's actually one of the most primitive looking games for todays standarts, along with Resistance 1. Console's are still doing surprisingly good actually, look at how Kojima's fox engine looks in MGS: GZ.
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zero_cool  +   1234d ago
This will resolve the problem developers are facing each gen with gaming in general with this solution in this video below...

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

Related video
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Shep0d  +   1234d ago
As soon as I saw "vs PC gaming"

Related image(s)
chukamachine  +   1234d ago
Septic, You have quake avatar.

Now that was the best MP game.

Halo stole alot of it.

Halo is a mix between Quake&ut imo. But using a controller.
PersonMan  +   1234d ago
How come we don't see games like God of War, Uncharted, Infamous, Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet on PC?

It seems like it's all First Person Shooters and MMORPGs. Where are the adventure titles? Where are the fighting titles? Where's split screen?

Also, it's way easier to find someone who owns a PS3 or 360 than to find someone with a PC that is capable of playing the games you want to play. What I mean is, console gaming is more common and PC games are played by nerds in their parent's basement fueled by Mountain Dew and Cheetos.
Pillsbury1  +   1233d ago
Guys, every platform has its own unique interactive entertainment. Stop the fanboyism.
MochaBean  +   1230d ago
PC > PS3 = PS Vita > Wii = 3DS > Smartphone (without button controls) > the plastic lcd games that you find at a convenience store for a buck or two > pretending to play a game > school > sweeping the floor > taking out the trash > mowing the lawn > mowing the lawn with a pocket knife on your hands and knees > licking your shoes > licking the floor of a typical school bathroom > scraping the dried gum off of the bottom of the desk and chewing it > sticking a needle in your toenail and kicking the wall >>>>>>> Xbox 360
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