Dream Matches: The Rock vs Shawn Michaels WWE 12 Simulation and Commentary

Wrestling Gamer brings you a new series in Dream matches! Where matches people dream about or would like to see happen are covered with commentaries on the specific match-ups over some WWE gameplay, in this case WWE 12 online gameplay. And what better way to start this than with a much requested match-up in The Rock vs Shawn Michaels!

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dale_denton2245d ago

should have done attitude rock as well...

DasTier2245d ago

Attitude Era Rock is not in WWE 12.

49erguy2245d ago

.....which sucks. I too prefer the side burn golden era (AKA attitude era) Rock.

DasTier2245d ago

I agree, It sucks. I welcome back the Sideburns for WWE 13.

ATi_Elite2245d ago

Rock Bottom, The People's Elbow, 1-2-3

Cue the Music "The Rock Says"

mrbojingles2245d ago

This is just one of those dream matches. Would've love to see it during late 2003-early 2004 instead of Rock teaming with Foley against Evolution at WM'04.

But HBK/HHH were putting Benoit over and at the time that made much more sense. Now,... it seems like a missed opportunity to not have Rock v HBK

Deagle2245d ago

Yeah would have love to see that match happen, I'd love for it to happen in the near future as well but with Shawn Michaels set on staying retired and not wrestling again it seems very highly unlikely.

mrbojingles2245d ago

Even if they would both be able to do it now it wouldn't be the same. Both were in their prime during 2002-2004.