Still No New Updates On Quake Wars Console Ports And New Wolfenstein Game

Activision's latest quarterly conference call has just been completed and as was the case three months ago during their last conference call, company executives did not mention the previously announced Xbox 360 and PS3 console ports of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars as being part of their upcoming release plans. The ports of the Splash Damage-id Software PC multiplayer shooter were announced a year ago by Activision and a playable version of the Xbox 360 port was shown at both E3 as well as QuakeCon in the summer of 2007.

Activision execs also didn't mention today the previously announced new Wolfenstein game that was revealed well over two years ago at a Microsoft press event in the fall of 2005 to be developed by Raven Software.

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M337ING3842d ago

After the subpar performance of the Orange Box and other PC-lead titles on consoles, I'm not surprised Activision isn't in a hurry to port Quake Wars