Tony Hawk 10 to Change

In its call to investors regarding its third quarter fiscal 2008 statement, Activision discussed the future of its Tony Hawk series. Last year, Tony Hawk suffered at the introduction of EA's skate. As Activision representatives explained during the call, the market for action sports videogames did not grow with the addition of skate. Instead, many gamers abandoned the Tony Hawk series and adopted EA's new IP. In fact, skate outsold Tony Hawk 2:1 last year.

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Salvadore3668d ago

Proving Grounds totally failed in all aspects and it's really going to be interesting to see how it ends up. Will the title go back to it's roots or be a Skate knock-off?

TheWickedOne3667d ago

All but the last 2 or so. Pretty disappointing. Activision always says the same thing every year, about stepping up the innovation and such. I'll guess we'll have to wait and see.

permutated3667d ago

Either way we win.

Skate was fantastic, and the forceful innovation that THPS is going to go through will help bring out the true greatness of the series.