Morph PSP Slim Into PlayStation Controller

Kotaku reports on a new device that clips on to the PSP to make it feel more like a traditional Playstation controller.

"For those who feel more comfortable, at home even, with the PlayStation controller, take heart. Kyoto online retailer Vis-a-Vis has you covered."

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coolfool3664d ago

I do feel that my thumbs start to ache after using the PSP too much. but buy putting those things on the bottom will the buttons not be moved slightly out of reach?

Any doesn't this slightly counteract the "slim" quality of the device?

SilPho3664d ago

I can see it being useful to someone with large hands, but it definitely takes the Portable out of Playstation Portable.

jonnyjd13664d ago

Not sure why this is news. I've had a grip like this for the PSP (albeit a PSP 1000) for the past year and a half. It also doubles as a battery extender that you can charge with the PSP power pack. A little late for making news with this.

...end of line...

Mcrmarcher3664d ago

they should make one that has a proper anolog be good for shooters n stuff

Cwalat3662d ago

for those who use their PSP at home,
for those who like to take it out and play, its not so ncie.