Ecco the Dolphin creator meeting with SEGA to discuss new Ecco game

Ed Annunziata, the creator of the Ecco the Dolphin series has scored a meeting with SEGA where he says he plans to discuss with them the possibility of making a brand new Ecco the Dolphin game.

Perhaps we'll have a new Ecco the Dolphin game on our PS3s, 360s, Wiis or other next-gen consoles in the near future.

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GraySnake2244d ago

It will probably just be the classics for digital purchase. Still would be awesome to see a current gen Ecco game.

mrbojingles2244d ago

Ed (the creator) specifically says a new game.

Snookies122244d ago

Man I would LOVE to see a new Ecco game! Even if it's just a digital $15 dollar one or something.