Localize It - Japan, We Want These Ones!

Check out some of the most interesting games that are currently not slated for release outside of Japan.

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tiffac0082246d ago

You can add Valkyria Chronicles 2, .Hack//Link, Tales of Vesperia (PS3), Tales of Innocence R and FF Type-0 to that list.

But I never knew Bravely Default had no localization date o_O

belac092246d ago

im so sick of not getting all of the good stuff, i dont understand why its so hard to localize a game, especially with budgets like i know square enix has.

3-4-52246d ago

They are worried about not making profit.

It takes money to localize because it takes time and effort and work not just translation.

If they would localize more with a limited release they would sell more.