The Most Under Appreciated RPG's This Generation.

We’ve all played games like Skyrim and Oblivion, but there are so many under appreciated RPG games out there that no gamer should ever miss out on! RPG’s are great games that can provide hundreds of hours of gameplay and are always worth the money you pay! Here at Xbox Reviewer we have decided to compile a list of the most underated RPG games!

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NovusTerminus2273d ago

I agree with those choices. And Resonance was my favorite off of the list.

Great game with some very cool gameplay, everyone says JRPD's are dead. Then when games come out with a new formula, no one buys them.

Good list!

Lord_Sloth2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Japanese Raccoon Police Department dead. Zombie Outbreak suspected. XXXD

LOGICWINS2272d ago

I've heard from people who have played Alpha Protocol that its actually a really fun original game. It's just very unpolished.

guitarded772272d ago

VERY unpolished... It has good design and gameplay, but it's glitchy and could have used another year in development. Audio and visuals are well below par for the time it was released. I don't know the whole back story, but if I remember correctly, the game was rushed by the publisher (SEGA), and they had to cut the budget. Shame, they could have had a Mass Effect level RPG on their hands. They rushed to make a quick buck, but ended up losing out on mega bucks.

Mutant-Spud2272d ago

Yeah I liked it but it was a chore, it had cool stealth skills and whatnot but it was pretty poorly executed, I really liked the armour and gun customisation and the writing was top notch, the story was actually pretty interesting and the interaction between the main guy and...err that hot spy chick was convincing.

kariyanine2272d ago

@guitarded77 You remember partially correctly. The game was supposed to come out October 2009 after having been in development for three years but Obsidian wasn't finished with it so SEGA gave them an extra six months to fix it and in turn cut the overall financing. Obsidian still wasn't able to get the game up and running at a high level of quality and so SEGA chose to recoup their losses by pusghing the game out the door. Hoenstly you can't blame SEGA for Obsidian's failure to get the thing running. In fact Obsidian has a track record of releasing buggy and unfinished work. They are great storytellers but can't wrap their heads around functional game design.

Eyeco2271d ago

You know Alpha Protocal passed my radar, i was only reminded by this article, the sad thing is after reading your comment im not sure if i wanna try it, imo games that could be great/ superb but due to lack of polish and refinement are disappointing , are so much worse than flat out bad games, because you wanna like them but the issues keep you from appreciating the game.

I remember playing Dead Island it had allot of good ideas and was pretty ambitious which is more than i can say for allot of games these days but it was so un-polished , if they only spent a year refining allot of its elements it could have been one of the best games of 2011 maybe even this gen, but because they didn't i had a hard time recommending it to friends

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MobyRoyale2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

I just received Resonance of Fate and the Ico/Shadow collection from *Amazon a couple of days ago. I briefly played some Resonance, and right away I could tell that the battle system is excellent. I've been focusing mostly on Ico(and boy can I see why people Revere this and I am loving it.

Looking forward to diving into some Resonance of Fate after I complete Ico.

AsimLeonheart2272d ago

I didnt really like Resonance of Fate. Have been playing JRPGs since the 90s. The story was confusing and short as hell, cut-scenes did not make any sense, the enemies were mostly palette swaps, world map completion was tedious, the arena was tedious especially getting gold medals for each fight and the game was all fights, fights and more fights. There was no exploration and different or varied locations to visit. Still I played it a couple of times for the sake of completion and giving it a chance. I do not think I will ever play it again though.

AIndoria2272d ago

Imposter! I challange you to fight. How dare you oppose the armies of Zero and wear my mask?

Lucretia2272d ago

lmao its so true.. no one every tries to play jrpgs anymore even though they have been fantastic because they stood true to their roots or even if they do something new, no one still plays them.

instead they bash anything japanese anymore this gen and keep playing halo 888383 and cod 9292929292

Ak47Russia2272d ago

Imo, skyrim is overrated! it has loose combat mechanics that lacked a visceral feel
Things like indistinguishable distances between the player, the enemy and the strike zone of a sword.
Swinging anim is crap there is no weight of the player.

game journalist these days don't know nothing about games, so people should stop believing them and thier stupid scores...

Blastoise2271d ago

Terribly overrated. I`ll never understand how it got the 10/10s it got.

Eyeco2272d ago

Its a good list if you only own a 360.

Not saying that theres anything wrong with the list but there are much more under appreciated RPGS like Folklore, Valkyria Chronicles, Fire Emblem Radiant,Disgaea 3, Eternal Sonata.

The list should renamed Most Under appreciated on the 360, that said more people should play Blue Dragon was pleasantly surprised with that game

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StrawHatPatriot2272d ago

Good choices. Final Fantasy XIII gets too much recommendations/praise (even though many FF fans don't like it very much) than it deserves.

cleft52272d ago

Bro FF13 gets hated on like crazy because it was too linear. I like ff13 and I get a ton of shit for it. I barely ever hear anyone praise it, unless you are talking about a small group of hardcore jrpg fans.

Perjoss2272d ago

Ff13 had fantastic graphics, an amazing soundtrack and a great combat system, sadly it also had quite a few major flaws. Personally i didnt like the story, the linearity and i really didnt like the character progression system.

Lucretia2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

same, people always give me crap because i said ff13 was good, and i also think 13-2 was Great and people hate me even more for it.

people are pathetic Japanese hating trolls.


ff13 too linear.....they fix that and people still hate it.

RE5 u cant move and shoot, In RE6 u can and people complain that u can....seriously, wtf

AIndoria2272d ago

Final Fantasy XIII is the most hated FF of all. I love it, but meh, people don't agree with me and I can see why.

Blastoise2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@ Cleft5
@ Perjoss
@ Lucretia
@ Alndoria

Sorry I disagree with all of you, people hate Final fantasy 13 and 13-2 because they sucked. Not because they are "Japanese hating trolls".

Terrible characters (Despite Lightning I suppose), Linear (even in FF13-2), awful battle system, non-nonsensical storyline, classic summons turned into motorbikes, a soundtrack that's kind of a mixed bag at best, lack of sidequests (again even in 13-2), poor dialogue (Piggy kitty? da fuq), DLC shenanigans ect
The graphics are great, shame its pretty much the only good thing about them though.

And this is from an owner of previous Final fantasy's, Disgaea 4, Valkyria Chronicles and recently Tales of graces f.

HarryMasonHerpderp2271d ago

I love me some Japanese games I've recently been going through Yakuza 4, Dark Souls and Star Ocean.

Does this make me a "Japanese hating troll"? No.
Do I like FFXIII and FFXIII-2? No.
because these are terrible terrible games and all of the fanboys that keep defending it are the people that are stopping Sqeenix from getting the message that we have had enough of Lightning and her adventures.

The FFXIII series is bad.
Bad story telling.
Boring battle system.
Riddled with useless DLC.
Poor dialogue.
Boring characters.
An annoying Moogle that you want to punch in the face.
Summons that are more like transformers.
You can't go into 90% of buildings.
The jump movement is useless since you have to line up with a little circle to jump from platform to platform.
An then there is all of the problems in the original such as:
Straight boring paths to take.
No towns.
Cringe worthy dialogue "moms are cool".
No mini games.

I could go on and on and on.
Pick up a copy of Tales Of Graces F if you want a good JRPG.

Eyeco2271d ago

FF13 is the poster boy for the downfall of JRPG'S and to a lesser extent japanese gaming development, its essentially a fps dressed up as an rpg, with linear gameplay, retarded level up mechanics, stripped down features and is made for people who dont play RPG'S period whether its Japanese or Western PC.

Its easily the worst PS3 game i've ever bought, (i have a great collection) and by far one of the most disappointing releases of the last 5 years. Its a great game if you don't play RPGS but...well you know rest

MRMagoo1232271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I completely agree here , i dont think the ppl that hate ff13 hate japanese games, i have been a fan of jrpgs since i first started playing games but i think ff13 was pretty much an fps with an rpg skin.

And what the hell did they do to summons ffs that took the cake along with the fact it was all corridors and tunnels.

N4Flamers2271d ago

I don't remember good dialogue in any final fantasy but I thought that was a staple of the series. I liked the battle system but then again I would only auto battle if I was bored. I agree that it was missing a lot of things that could have made it great ( towns, likeable characters) but I'm not ashamed of my purchase.

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Trago13372272d ago

While Resonance of Fate's story was ok at best, the Battle system is one of my favorites this gen, they forgot Magna Carta 2

Rai2272d ago

I agree with Resonance of fate and lost odyssey

InfamousHero2272d ago

Lost Odyssey is definitely underrated. I think it's mostly because its an Xbox 360 exclusive. White Knight Chronicles gets brought up a lot in terms of good RPGs this generation and Lost Odyssey is far beyond it in terms of quality. Definitely suggest you pick it up if you havent yet.

as for FFXIII, i still recommend that to people. Great game if you go into it with no expectations and just play it for what it is. looking forward to FFXIII-3

MRMagoo1232271d ago

so as long as ppl play ff13 with the expectation of an fps hidden in an rpg skin they should like it ?

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