Two New Guitar Hero Titles Coming This Spring

During Activision's financial conference call, company execs announced that the publisher will release two new Guitar Hero titles sometime in the company's first fiscal 2009 quarter (which begins on April 1, 2008). No other details on the games were revealed by the execs, stating they wanted to keep their plans secret for competitive reasons. Another new Guitar Hero title is also due for release this fall but again no new details were revealed.

Shacknews says that one of those new Guitar Hero games is likely to be the recently-trademarked "Guitar Hero On Tour," which many have speculated to be the long-expected Nintendo DS edition.

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Now Guitar Hero is just b*tching. The gameplay is already there, guitar are always the same thing, since we can get new songs as DLC do we really need new GH games? Or just publishers that need to make more money?

HB-Sauce3758d ago

I agree, Activision is gonna milk the Guitar Hero brand just like they have been doing with Tony Hawk Pro Skater. This news makes me one step closer to purchasing Rock Band...